What have we been up to and what’s happening NEXT!!

Boy are there tons of reasons why everyone should pack up today and move their family into an RV! There are also many reasons why it is not for everyone, or maybe it can be for everyone but the length of time living in the RV may be different. Some families can successfully live for years together in an RV, 5th wheel or travel trailer, while some families may just be able to do it short-term. I think if you are able to do it at all, whether it be for a family vacation, short term living or long term, it really can be a wonderful experience!

We were living in our RV for about 10 months before we moved back into our home in Leesburg, FL. We had sold one of our homes but were only renting out our other home.  When we left to go traveling, I was not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant on the road. I mean HELLO we should of known it was going to happen, we go through this every other year. 😉

Well that changed things up a bit because 1. I do not do pregnancy well. I get very sick, crazy emotional and I just can be quite a mess 2. I absolutely love, love, love my doctors in Florida and really wanted to have our baby with them again. 3. I knew I would need my family and friends support when I had the baby. Therefore we came back to Florida for the last trimester. We decided that since we owned a home here, we might as well spread out into it and take a break from being in such cozy quarters. 😉

Once we were back in our home and had our baby, we were like okay so now what do we want to do. At first we were going to sell the RV and go a different route. Then as we were talking, dreaming, and praying, it all came together. We are going to sell our last home in Florida, move back into our RV and flip houses. My husband has always wanted to go full-time into flipping houses. We actually bought a fixer upper while on the road RVing. A good opportunity came to us while we were in Wisconsin. My husband worked on the home for 6 weeks, bringing it back to life and then we listed and sold it quickly!

From that experience, Ricky started getting more of a longing to want to dive into it full-time as as family. We had this great RV in our driveway that we could move back into and live in it on the property of our fixer upper home! Then as a family we could work together on restoring homes. There are many reasons why this makes perfect sense for us.

1. This has been a dream of Ricky’s to do. Plus, it it something I can not wait to do as well because I have a love for designing and decorating!

2. We can do this as a family (staying connected!)

3. Our children will be learning life long skills and trades.

4. It will provide wonderful income yet on our own schedule.

5. We already own an RV that we can live in to make this dream of ours a reality. As we fix up the home we are working on, we will be able to use the bathrooms, kitchen and whatever other rooms we would want to if we needed/wanted to spread out a bit.

6. Plus, we can still travel when we want or need to get away! Our home is back to being on wheels. 🙂

We knew this was meant to be when we listed our home and it sold within 3 days of being on the market! That can only be a God thing. 🙂 Now we close in just a few days and once that happens, we will be using that capital and purchasing our first fixer upper somewhere in the state of Florida! Our goal is to do a few flips and slowly make our way out of Florida to where we want to end up settling down. We are thinking Tennessee or somewhere in that area! We can not wait to share this new adventure with you guys. We are very blessed to be able to continue living SIMPLY while living out our dreams. Chip and Joanna meets Duggar Family and boom you now have us! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What have we been up to and what’s happening NEXT!!

  1. Glad to hear your trips were safe and all worked out – Flipping houses can be successful and will give you the freedom you are looking for – sounds like a HGTV show in the making – wish you continued success

  2. I truly do not understand how you can have so many children. The older ones never get to be children because they are always taking care of the little ones. My mom loved the attention of being pregnant and acted like she was some hero.
    I hope and pray you are different than her. Being the 2nd of 9, I often felt ignored, unloved and a mom at a very young age.
    I am just sharing my experience. You have a beautiful family and seem to be awesome parents, This is truly not a criticism. I just hope you remember they are children who deserve to be children and not little adults.

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