Day 4: Surviving a roadtrip with 6 kids!

We are in Mississippi! It was a quick trip through sweet home Alabama on I-10! Sunday was our first day traveling in the Rv during the day. It was an adjustment for the kids to go from being able to roam freely in their “home” to having to be seated and buckled! They thought they should be able to run, play and party all though out the RV like they had been. Thankfully, after a few tears, (well a whole lot of tears from Kanyon) the kids quickly became interested in the items I had brought along to entertain them! We had Mad libs to fill in, the state license plate game to play, books to color, books to flip through, journals to write in and snacks to munch on! We also had bought great walkie talkies that we were able to use to talk to the kids from up front. We are not far away but it made it fun for the kids! Playing eye spy out the big windows was a huge hit! Oh my goodness, being able to go potty in the RV and not have to pull off the road to use a nasty bathroom was the best thing ever!! I no longer have to cringe and die inside when I hear “I have to use the bathroom!” Since we can all visually see the kitchen as we drive along, the kids would constsntly think they were hungry. At one point, they asked if I could cook them a meal. I laughed aloud thinking are you serious right now? Do you not realize daddy is sweating in the drivers seat trying to keep our RV moving along safely? 😉 No sweetie, I can not make a home cooked meal when we are solely trying to stay on the road and get to our destination alive! 🙂 Thankfully Ricky is getting more comfortable with driving the Rv. He thinks he needs another several hundred miles before he can stop white knuckling the poor steering wheel. Did it get loud and crazy at times? You bet it did! Did Ricky and I glance at each other and wish we had ear muffs on to drown out the madess and perhaps some benadryl to go around? Of course! 😉 But this is all part of the wonderful package of having a big family. We were just so happy to keep up with all the kids and not leave anyone behind at our rest stops. Even though one time, after we had been back on the road for 30 minutes, Ricky did ask if Kaleb had gotten back into the RV. I said hello honey, I sure hope he is after all that time! 🙂 We truly are having a good time. One thing I do wish though is that they had drive thrus for RVs, that would be great! There is never a dull moment in this RV life, that is for sure!


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  1. Great times to remember forever.

    You could start your generator while driving and cook a meal in your crockpot. Just remember to put the crockpot in the sink, so it does not fly thru the air.

  2. Our family has always done books on audio while traveling. Quiet for HOURS, and we all have those special memories to share. HIGHLY recommend Little House books–amazing imagery. It became the favorite of…yes, DADDY! We also did a “countdown” with each child calling out their “number” when they were seated and buckled. That also works well for “teeth brushed countdown” and other things when my brain was full and I was not going to do well remembering all their names ;). Anyway, I OFTEN suddenly exclaim, “Where’s so-and-so?!” about 5-10 minutes down the road. Just a symptom of the pressure we feel to keep everyone safe and cared for! You are doing great–keep trucking!!

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, what are the kids ages? I may have missed it in some earlier information looks like a bunch of giggles in a bunch that young! I bet they are having a ball.

  4. I just want to give y’all guys a thumbs up it is great to see families doing this hope you and your family have a great journey praying for safe travels

  5. Sounds like you all are getting adjusted to riding in the RV. Ithink giving each kid a number and counting off before you go or leave any place. Please don’t leave anyone behind.

  6. Where are you now, can you post a blog with your route map and time yiu will arrive at each city? That way we can post in that city! 🙂

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