Why we decided to live a SIMPLE LIFE

People ask us all the time why we decided to live this way. What made us do it? How long did the process take to get us here? How did our family and friends respond? What are the highs and lows to living and traveling full time in an RV?  First off, I would prefer to sit and share our story with you over a yummy cup of coffee! I love those real and deep conversations! So please if we are ever near you, come on over and chat with us. Until we get that chance, I’ll share a little bit of our story here. For us living a SIMPLE LIFE may look different from the way your family has chosen to simplify your life. Every family’s journey to live a simple life will be unique but the end result will be very similar, and that is more time for the things that truly matter. Today I will answer the first question. What made us decide to do this?

Back in November of 2015, my husband and I were sitting in bed one night talking. We had spoken many times about the exciting thought of buying an RV and traveling as a family. We always ended our conversation though with good reasons why we couldn’t do it. We would say, well one day we will when we retire or maybe when the kids get a little bigger. Or we would have excuses like, what about all our friends, family, church and the tons of activities we have going on? My husband would always say well maybe if I work hard enough now while I am young, I can save up a lot of money for us, THEN we can do it. The list of excuses goes on….Sure the reasons and excuses were all valid and good but we knew there just had to be more to life than this!

What is the point of life if all we are doing is working all the time? What is the point of life if all we are doing is running around like crazy people, having over scheduled days, being over committed, stretched thin and completely exhausted each night? Once we got honest with ourselves, we realized nobody was really happy. We were so caught up in the rat race of life, always working, working, working and going, going, going!! It was normal to keep up with what everyone else around us was doing. For us, my husband and I did not want to miss out on our children’s lives and we wanted to have the best marriage we could. We live in such a fast paced world, that it can become quite easy to lose touch with one another.  If we did not want to become disconnected, then we knew we were going to have to actively fight for our family. Therefore, after much prayer, we made the radical decision to simplify our lives.

A lot of people think that in order to live a life like we are, you need to have a whole lot of money, but that is simply not true. You just have to be content to live on LESS money and have LESS things. We need to let go of thinking we need a big home, a new car and lots of flashy toys. Seriously, no one cares or is impressed, so just get over it! Sure we could have all of those things but then we are just miserable, exhausted and lonely people at the end of the day. For us, we had to rid our lives of all the excess “junk” in order to freely live! We are living what we believe should be the new “American Dream”. The American Dream should be about chasing after relationships, experiences, family and creating sweet memories! Why were we wasting so much time working tirelessly to pay for things that did not matter and truly did not even need? I would rather have a small “house” but the greatest HOME. A beautiful home is not the structure by which it was built, no that is a just house. A beautiful home is what goes on inside the walls. A home is where families are actively pursuing one another and cherishing relationships over things. Yes, we gave up A LOT in order to live the way we do, but what we are gaining is so much MORE. Money couldn’t even buy what is happening in our lives  and hearts right now. Our lives are just plain SWEETER and are hearts are FULLER! People ask us, if we are crazy to do this, and we always say, No we are crazy for not doing this sooner!

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7 thoughts on “Why we decided to live a SIMPLE LIFE

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I love this assertion : “The American Dream should be about chasing after relationships, experiences, family and creating sweet memories!”, not chasing after stuff, the Jones, or the next best thing. We are radically simplifying our lives for the same reason. It’s all about realizing we have the choice to prioritize the things that are most important to us and then doing it (the scary part). Thanks for the great article. Maybe one day we’ll be in the same place and can discuss this in person 🙂

  2. EXACTLY!!!! We have had the same discussion, my husband and I, and are so excited/anxious to live the simple life. We are in the throes of getting rid of all our “stuff” and selling our house so we can head out this summer in our 5th wheel. Maybe we will meet along the road one day.

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog! It is encouraging to see a big family living full time in RV life successfully. My fiancee and I are planning to go full time next year. Can’t wait to read more about the adventures your family is having.

    People also think we’re crazy when we tell them about their plans. Isn’t it sad that sometimes people base happiness on possessions?

  4. You guys were awesome, loving and kind before taking on this journey, but now I can see the difference of the lifestyle change.
    Although I truly love and miss you with all my heart and think of you always, I am so happy and proud of who you all are and are becoming!
    Love love love you guys! Can’t wait to see you soon! <3

  5. We want to do the same thing. We have the RV just all thr excuses why we cant do it. Can you call terry Zolnowski sometime at 9544853255 and encourage her to make this move while most of our kids still young. Thanks

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