Social media has made us LAZY friends


It seems people do not connect with one another like we use to. We have this false sense of connection using social media because we are sharing our lives and reading about everyone elses. We feel like we have all these “friends” but when you think about it, who do we really connect with on a personal level? We don’t really know them and they surely do not know us. So, tell me why do we feel connected?  I believe social media has made people more DISCONNECTED than ever before. When was the last time you spent time with your neighbors? When was the last time you just called people on the phone instead of texting them? When was the last time instead of emailing a friend or family member, you had them over to your home and just talked over a meal? Social media has made us LAZY friends. We do not have to pursue and spend time with each other anymore because we can catch up on their life on social media. This should make us sad. Friendships are not as they use to be. We have stopped calling and we stopped dropping by their home. We have allowed ourselves to feel satisfied from the mere glimpse we see into their life on our screen. If only we knew how much we are missing, how much they need us to reach out, how quickly we are losing touch….We can’t get the laughter together, the warm touches, the deep meaningful conversations, the richness and beauty from a friendship on a cell phone screen. I don’t want to stop calling or spending time with those I love and care about. I sure don’t want them to stop calling or spending time with me. Those face to face times with my friends are what fill my hearts with joy! I dont want to lose those times. One of the exciting things about this adventure is reconnecting with people again. Putting down our phones, turning off the electronics and simply talking. Life is way too short and we surely are not guaranteed tomorrow. I want to be a friend that is present in the lives around me,  I never want to accept what comes through an electronic screen to be enough. I want those deep, real relationships to always be a part of my life. Remember sweet friendships refresh the soul! It’s time to pick up the phone and invite our friend or our neighbor over for some good ol sweet tea!:) downloadFront-porch-swing-620x413

6 thoughts on “Social media has made us LAZY friends

  1. We call family once every two weeks. We visited as often as we could. Also we put pen to paper. Were old souls. We love mailing post cards and our 7 year old has been mailing alot more. We always include something on the card that we didnt share on the adventure blog or social media account. We buy post cards at every place we go. Im also one for coffee or wine bar dates with friends once a month.

  2. Well said my sweet friend! I want deeper more authentic relationships with my girlfriends. And I myself have to get out of my comfort zone to put my phone down and actually stop texting and actually call or set up time to go see or have coffee with a friend. Or even invite friends over:)!! You are a mess and so is your sweet family! Praying for you guys and so grateful that we get to learn alongside on this amazing journey that you’re on <3

  3. This was a great read! We have become too dependant on our electronics for relationships. This lifestyle of RVing has helped so much reconnect and connect with perfect strangers God puts in our path to share life with. Just last night I had the priveledge to take my oldest daughter to a children’s theatre and at the end of the play which was about neighbors helping neighbors out and reaching out to each other….they asked if anyone in the audience could relate to this and how a recent neighbor reached out. The theatre was silent…no one raised their hand to share. It was so sad. Then a woman raised her hand and said we live in Seattle…. Like to mean no one knows their neighbor or are so closed off from people around them. I felt the tug of the holy spirit to say something. I raised my hand and shared a neighbor gave me a jump start to my vehicle because my battery was dead. The gal who asked the question seemed relieved someone answered the question. What these people did not know was that we full-time and live in a community of people where our neighbors change all the time. I did not know the person I asked to give me a hand. He accepted and offered help where he could! Let us be a nation of people to reach out beyond the social media and have true relationship with each other.

    • OH Heather I LOVED reading your comment. You are so right about everything you said! I hope to run into your family someday on the road. Where are you guys now?

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