Spring clean your life REFRESH your soul

I LOVE the way I feel once I am finished with spring cleaning my home. I walk into each clean room and it makes my heart happy! All the stuff that once was overwhelming and stressful to deal with, no longer is because it is gone! Sure, it takes a lot of hard work to clean out and get rid of all the junk, but that feeling you get once you are done, is AMAZING! It is worth it.

I wanted to have that amazing and refreshing feeling in all areas of my life. Who doesn’t long for that? We can all have that feeling everyday if we choose to simplify our life! To live a simple life, one must look at their money/budget, their daily schedules and inside their home.

If you want to be able to work less, you must look at your budget and see how you can cut down on your bills! You have to weigh out your options and decide what means more to you. A bigger home is nice but it may mean working far more hours yet having a small home may give you more quality time with your family. Sure, having 200 channels is fun but is it worth the time it takes away from your family actually interacting? Is it worth it? These choices are yours.

Can you simplify your daily schedule so you are not so busy. Stop stretching yourself thin and wearing yourself out! Noone wants to get gray hairs before they are suppose to or look tens years older due to living a crazy busy life. Please realize you do not have to say yes to everyone and everything. For me, once I gave myself permission to say NO, it felt SO GOOD!! (Now go away people and stop asking me! 😉 Maybe it’s your social life that needs to be simplified? (You don’t need 100 so-so friend, focus on the few great ones) Remember your schedule can be filled with all GOOD things, and still not be what’s right for you and your family. Take a good look in the mirror, how do you look? Exhausted? Then do something about it! 🙂

It is also about cleaning and clearing out your home. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to stress over. (cleaning, maintaining, fixing,) It is truly mind and soul refreshing to grab a trash bag and go through one room at a time. Don’t even think twice about throwing stuff into a bag! We need to get over being so spoiled and thinking we need an abundance of stuff. Stop feeling bad thinking you will make your child sad if they no longer have 10 of the same type of toy. Its our fault for giving them all this excess to begin with! We will be doing our children a favor by teaching them NOW what it means to live a SIMPLE life. One where we actually appreciate the few things we do have. I was sick of cleaning my gigantic home each day when I could of been playing with my children, talking with my spouse or reaching out to a neighbor. Once you have all the excess stuff bagged up, you can either get your whole family involved in having a yard sale or donating everything to families in need.

We as Americans have gotten overly comfortable having an abundance of “stuff.” Therefore it will be an adjustment to letting go of all we have been use to. Most of us have allowed the amount of things in our lives gage our happiness, to prove our success. We feel the more we have, the happier we will be. (This is obviously lie!) Our new “normal” needs to be living a simple life with less things, less work and less distractions! We would rather boast about all the time we get with our family and those around us, then about the new car, the new home, or the things we just “had to have.” Remember, DEBT is dumb.

For us, getting rid of the home that took all our money/time, getting rid of all the junk, saying NO to people who needed to be said no to and letting go of all the extra activities (hello your kids do not need to be in EVERY sport to be a well rounded kid) has been heart and soul REFRESHING!! It was the best “spring cleaning” we have ever done. Our hearts could not be happier. Hello, haven’t you heard, LESS is the new MORE. 🙂

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