We made the NEWS, thanks to a sweet local reporter!

Our SIMPLE life is making the news! A local reporter by the name of Teresa Campbell, arrived at our home last week to talk to our family about our upcoming RV adventure! We had such a great time talking to her and sharing what it means to us to live a SIMPLE life! Our kids were so excited to see themselves in their local newspaper. They could not believe it 🙂 If you want to learn a little more about our family, please click on the link below to read the article. As we have been preparing for this RV life, we have been receiving many emails from families all over America. It has been a lot of fun reading them! We have received emails from families sharing their similar life stories, giving us great useful advice, destination suggestions, and some families have even invited us into their homes for a home cooked meal! Our hopes in sharing our RV adventure with everyone is to encourage others that they too can live a much more SIMPLE life. Living a SIMPLE life, brings about a peace and joy that is immeasurable! We can not wait to make new friends all across America. Hopefully we will even cross paths with YOUR FAMILY reading this blog 🙂 Follow along, and let us know if we are ever near your hometown! I look forward to reading new emails as you share your family’s adventures with me.


P.S. We are just days away from starting our SUPER exciting adventure! We are just finishing up some last minute preparations. It has been hard for us to say goodbye to our friends, family and church. We are going to really miss everyone here but we’re looking forward to the adventure that awaits!




20 thoughts on “We made the NEWS, thanks to a sweet local reporter!

  1. God bless y’all safe travels what a beautiful way of rasing your children may the lord watch over you through all your travels good luck have fun

  2. Good luck and God bless all of you on your adventure. The only regret you would have is if you hadn’t gone out on faith.Keep us all posted on your trip across our beautiful country.

  3. Love love love you guys! Im going to miss you so much but I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you all! I’m so excited for you! I will definitely be following your journey and hope to visit you on your way around America! <3

  4. Good luck in your road trip of a life time. Years down the road you will have countless stories to talk about.
    Keep in mind that every turn on the road, will be another adventure. Drive save and God Bless.

  5. We don’t want to be too nosy, but we’re wondering where you’re getting gas money. We doubt at such a young age, you already have much of a nest egg.

    • Hi Shery! Great question! We have been living a simple life for several years now. We have been able to save and put away money, allowing us to have a great nest egg. My husband enjoys working, he is an excellent craftsman and already has jobs lined up in different states as well!:)

  6. Hello, Krista!! Saw your article in my fb news feed today and immediately shared it as our family’s own “RV ETD” is Spring 2017! Working on decluttering the house this year (God help us all!) and fixing it up to sell. We also homeschool our four kids (ages 11-17), so our trip will look a little different, but I am looking forward to following you and learning all I can about managing a home on the road. We will pray for you that the Lord would pour out enormous heapings of grace on you and your little ones! YOU ARE NOT CRAZY (and neither are we–hee, hee!)

  7. Just to check in to let you know that news about your family made it all the over the world because I live in Hong Kong. Good luck on your exciting adventure. Looking forward to reading about it.

  8. We all have bucket lists but most wait to late to complete them – initially I thought you were nuts to take on this project with the young kids but I could not be more wrong – Look forward to hearing about the adventure

  9. Hi Krista,
    What and awesome opportunity to experience life in this way. So many of us are caught up in our worldly life of work and responsibility that we can barley get a glimpse of the unpredictable, challenging and exciting destiny you have chosen.. I pray that God keeps you and your family safe on your travels
    P. S. Hope to see you all at the upcoming Vanderhorse Family Reunion..

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