No more rushing, no more “hurry ups”

In our everyday life at home, I came to realize how often I was rushing my children. I felt they were moving to slow, taking their time and not coming quick enough. I wasn’t paying attention as to what was keeping them from moving at the pace I wanted, I just wanted them to be faster. Walking into a store, I would find my toddler stopping to observe a bug and I would grab his hand and make him move quicker. My daughter would start drawing on the driveway and I would yell to please hurry we needed to leave. My son would start building something in the yard and I would shout for him to hurry in because we had to be somewhere. My little one would be dressing herself to her liking and I would rush her to get into the car. It was always a rush, rush, rush. All for what? I felt I was creating anxious children and breaking their sweet spirits. In all this rushing, I wasn’t allowing my children to explore, invent, observe, take in, and grasp this beautiful life that was happening. Children are amazing and the way they interpret this world is amazing! Children seem to always have it “right”. They allow themselves the time to go for whatever catches their eye, their mind, their heart. We should allow ourselves to learn a little more from them. They are teaching us to slow down and smell the roses! In rushing and hurrying we are missing all the beautiful NOW moments. A big reason we wanted to simplify was because we did not want to miss anything, anymore with our kids. Yesterday the kids noticed an old train as we were walking back to the car from the laundromat. They immediately asked to go see it as they headed toward it. At first I caught myself wanting to tell them to “Come on, let’s go kids!”. We did not need to be anywhere or do anything important. I had simply gotten use to always rushing everyone to get from point A to point B.  I’m learning now to slow down and soak in all these moments. No more rushing and no more hurrying. We are taking our time to smell the beautiful roses in this simple life!

3 thoughts on “No more rushing, no more “hurry ups”

  1. Exactly. What kindness from God to give you this revelation, unity with your husband, and the unique opportunity to respond while your precious children are still young!

  2. I’m so happy for you. Being so young you are wise far beyond your years. You are learning a very valuable lesson early. Most don’t see the respective you’re taking until they are older or after an illness. Keep living your life one day at a time, enjoy your family and this wonderful world. You have a good husband and wonderful children enjoy each other.

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