Our sweet homeless friend Jody

We are to “Love Thy Neighbor”, and our neighbor at this campsite in Mississippi was a kind homeless lady. Her name was Jody. As soon as the girls realized her situation, they got right to thinking on how they could show Jody love. We decided that coloring her a picture along with a written note would be perfect! Alison even got a dollar out of her purse and folded it up in the picture. They were so excited to hand them to her. Jody could hardly believe it when the girls ran to her with their gifts.  After a moment she looked up with the biggest smile and said she finally had something to decorate her tent with 🙂 Jody said she really misses her grandchildren and this made her so happy. She has had some difficult hands dealt to her and her doctor told her she only had months to live. She lost hope and didn’t know what else to do. I asked if she was happy living out in the woods, all alone, with very little things. She said she is, she is enjoying being “free” from all the bills, schedules, Dr appointments etc. She wants to live life to the fullest these last month’s she has to live….she is choosing to live this simple life. I smiled and told her I understood exactly what she meant. 🙂 Even though I know Jody said she is okay and will be okay, we still saw a lot of hurt/pain in her eyes. We loved her the whole time we were there, sharing meals, sharing supplies, collecting wood for her and just talking with her. Before we left we held her hands and prayed for her and over her life. She began to cry as we hugged tightly. It was a beautiful moment. We are so thankful God put Jody in our path to reach out too. We pray that God will continue to bring other people in Jody’s life that will love her as well.


Please do not worry, Ricky and I are ALWAYS with our children at all times. We would never let them be around others by themselves. We will always be on guard and protective of our children.

6 thoughts on “Our sweet homeless friend Jody

  1. If you are in our neck of the woods(Picayune, MS–near LA state line) we’d love to meet you guys. My husband and I are RVers and would welcome y’all in our home. Lots of grandkids next door!

  2. I love that you helped your children find a real way to “help”. The issue of homelessness can be an overwhelming one that tempts us to feel helpless. But your girls found something that they were gifted to do and used it to be a blessing. I love to think of “encouraging” as “putting courage into someone else”. Well done!

  3. These lessons in real life are excellent for kids. They need learning from school but these lessons can’t be found in books only in their hearts. The world needs more of this showing compassion for all people.

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