Yes my kids do chores No they don’t get paid

Yes, all of my children who are able to walk are doing chores on a daily basis. It is a normal part of life at the Fay home. We all eat together, we play together, AND we do work together. For us, it is called being a family and our family does everything TOGETHER. I do not have the burden of carrying all the responsibilities of my home and neither does my husband. We all participate in keeping up with our home. From the time our children are little, they are expected to help out according to their ability. Even a small toddler can very well help out with chores. We are teaching our children about responsibilities. My husband and I want to spend as much time with our children as possible. If our children did not help out, then we would be working day and night on the house and never have spare time with our kids! Plus, we would be so tired we would not have the energy to spend time with them anyways. We are always reminding our children of the good that comes from our family working together to get things done. We encourage and say remember once we get done we get more time for the fun stuff! We love the saying “many hands make light work!” Plus, one of the great things about living in a 300 sq ft RV is that we can surely get all the chores done in no time! family work

As the kids get older, it is easy for them to see the results when we work together. On days where the kids are slacking off and the load starts falling more on me, they start seeing a mom that is stressed, exhausted and not so pleasant to be around. I remind them that nobody, not mommy and not daddy enjoy doing chores, but it has to be done! I’ll even joke and say do you seriously think mommy enjoys sitting under a giant mountain of clothes or me being on my knees cleaning pee from boys who just can’t seem to aim it in the toilet! Um, absolutely not but it’s called life and having a family. The kids notice that when we all stay in a good rhythm of working together, the atmosphere of our home is pleasant. But as soon as part of our team starts to not pull their weight, everyone gets cranky and the atmosphere gets yucky quick. Therefore it just makes sense to all pitch in together, get it all done and enjoy life! Plus, we are teaching our kids good traits. Our sons and daughters will all know how to clean, cook, pick up after themselves, fix things and be very helpful to their spouses one day! We want to raise children who have a heart to serve others and not just themselves. We want them to be thoughtful and helpful to those around them.

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I get really upset inside when I see kids these days that are plain out lazy, self centered and think the world revolves completely around them. No wonder their parents are burnt out and exhausted. Hello, get your kids off their electronics, put your foot down, set down new house rules and bring your family back together. It is not mean or wrong to require children to do some work and help out. It is good for them and it is good for the entire family. My husband and I lead our children by example in taking care of our home.  Some days we are walking right beside them, explaining how to do things. Some days we are following up behind them as they are young and still learning. We never demand perfection; we just require them to have a willing heart and helping hands. I want to be a good mom, a happy mom, a mom that truly loves waking up and spending each day with my kids. I can’t be that mom if all the weight falls on my shoulders. Lastly, my children do not get an allowance or get paid for being a part of our family. Didn’t these kids win the lotto by simply being born into an awesome family, what more do they need? 😉 I don’t get paid, their dad doesn’t get paid and they do not get paid for the things we do in our home and for our family. We do what we do because we LOVE one another. We “pay” our children with our TIME, showing them extravagant LOVE and teaching them good family values. We may not pay our children with money but we hope what we do give them will be a gift that lasts for generations to come.

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  1. Excellent article! I remember a time in our neighborhood when my kids were the only ones who had chores. It came as a shock to me. I’ve never regretted requiring them to work. Having a Chore Chart helped us alot. I didn’t want to become a “nag” always reminding them to do their chore. They became responsible to look for the chore on the chart and just do it (esp. as they got older). It worked pretty well. We did not pay them for doing chores, but we did give allowance as a separate thing, unrelated to doing chores.
    I must say that my married son is a very helpful husband and I have often seen our single adult son get up and do things that need to be done without being asked. This makes me SO glad! My girls are helpful too, and they understand that doing “work” is just part of life. You will be glad you did it this way and it will pay off in their lives for years to come. Just be ready for the shock of doing all the work when they grow up and move away!

  2. Great post! Good job, parents. But, we’d have to agree with the previous poster, “Just be ready for the shock . . . .” 🙂

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