Meeting the Duck Dynasty family in LA


Phil Robertson and Ricky



We love the Robertson family and have always enjoyed their show in the past. We knew if we were traveling through Louisiana, it only made sense to go to West Monroe and visit their Duck Commander store. Boy did we have the best time going there! We must have spent at least an hour looking at everything inside. We enjoyed flipping through the books they have written, learning more about their family and buying some neat souvenirs! After we were done there we headed over to Willies diner. It was delicious! The next night we wanted to attend a Wednesday church service so we decided to go to White Ferry Road church. We had heard of the church from watching the Duck Dynasty show. It was a wonderful church! As soon as we walked in we felt welcomed! It was a beautiful experience being able to worship Jesus along with members of the Robertson family! It was very apparent that this family truly does love the Lord! Seeing Uncle Si, Mrs. Kay and Phil in the congregation was just way too cool! We sat right behind Uncle Si and enjoyed listening to him sing his heart out! At the end of the service Ricky got to shake both Uncle Si’s and Phil’s hand. Phil was happy to spend a few minutes talking with us and encouraging us in what we are doing! We have had the best time so far in Lousiana! Everyone we have met in this state has been extremely kind and welcoming. Wait till I post pictures of the FREE campground! It is AMAZING!!

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  1. C’mon visit us in Port Charlotte, FL. We’d love to have you journey and rest this way a bit. You guys are incredible. Your children will be talking to their children’s, children, about all these adventures and the amazing parents God has blessed them with!

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