How we make time to spend with each child ALONE

pianoWe have made it a priority for some time now to set aside time every week to spend alone with each child. We never want any of our kids to ever feel they are left behind, left out or not heard just because we have a big family. We want to be intentional on giving each child our full attention and filling up their love tanks. There needs to be a time that they can count on to spend by themselves with mom and dad. Not only do they LOVE this special time, but Ricky and I look forward to having this time as well, to really hear our our child’s heart. On their special night, they get to stay up 30 minutes later than everyone else. The rules are simple, no electronics allowed! We use this time to talk, to play a game such as Pictionary or cards, to laugh and be silly together! Monday night is Kaleb’s night and then it goes down in order of their ages ending with Mishka on Saturday night. We do not let anything get in the way of these nights and they can never lose their night; because this is not based on behavior, this is based on loving and pouring into our kids! I would love to hear how other families take time to spend alone with their children! Please share your stories with me 🙂

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4 thoughts on “How we make time to spend with each child ALONE

  1. Wow. This needs to be on TV. That is amazing and your parenting skills are beautiful. We do no do electronic and have no tv… We play board games with Chey, sidewalk chalk, we do Pilates as a family, we cook and we talk. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I only have 1 son, but I make sure to spend as much time with him as possible also without electronics at night before bed. He loves reading books so we pick out his favorite one for the night that he will read. I spend about 10 minutes kissing him before bed because my husband and I work fulltime and he loves kisses. I ask him how his days going, anything he wants to talk about, all that good jazz. You seem like such a awesome person (people)… with heads on your shoulders. 8 kids is alot, but it seems like you are handling it with such grace. Have fun on your adventures and I cannot wait to see and hear about them all in the future. Drive safe 🙂

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