Helping others refreshes the soul

I will say that life has been tough the last few days dealing with some unexpected and costly issues. We have chosen to keep up heads up and focus on all the good things in our life instead of letting our circumstances bring us down. My husband and I know without a shadow of a doubt that we were called to full-time RV, therefore we have to accept these challenges as part of this adventure! I am thankful that God created marriage because without my husband and I having one another to lean on and pull up during trials, life would be that much harder! Some days I may be the weaker one in the situation and he is the one encouraging and lifting my spirits and some days I am the one who is feeling stronger and can therefore lift my husband up when feeling down. It truly takes team effort to manage a home and I am ever thankful to God for my husband Ricky being on my team.

For us, we know that when we focus our energy towards reaching out to those around us, our attitudes change! When we take the focus off of ourselves and focus on others. It refreshes our soul! We know we are called to a light in this world. Right now it seems God wants us to stay and love on the people that cross our paths here in Grand Junction, CO. We are always looking for  opportunities to LOVE and make a difference. There is nothing I want more than at the end of this journey of living on the road, then for my children to experience loving people coming from all walks of life. My amazing brother who passed away always said, “LIVE fearlessly, GIVE without thought and LOVE with judgement. We want our children to know that they do not have to have money to help others, they just have to have a heart to SERVE and LOVE. Right now, all of our hearts are being tugged at to go above and beyond to do something for the homeless people here. My 8 year old daughter Alison has an idea that she wants our family to do and we are going to be working on doing it the next few days. (I look forward to sharing soon!) I LOVE seeing my children have a compassionate heart towards hurting and broken people. Tonight as we were driving home from the park, my 2 year old son Kanyon said, “mommy can I give a dollar to that man right there?” (looking over at the sweet man on the corner holding a sign) Talk about my heart exploding! I linked a video showing our family living a simple life, cherishing the moments, and truly loving every minute! The end is my favorite watching my sweet 10 yr old son Kaleb bake in the kitchen! He is going to be the greatest husband and father one day. 🙂 Please make sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see future videos. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Helping others refreshes the soul

  1. Awesome Video ! Beautiful Family ! Yes life throws things in our path , and I think God sometimes lets us experience them to slow us down and take the time at the place were in. Praying for you all ! Look forward to all your post.
    God Bless Linda

  2. Sometimes we were stuck somewhere due to hardships and later we were told that just being there to spend time with someone stopped them from either killing themselves or giving up on following God. It is hard while you are in the tough spots, but God will use all of it for a good beyond your understanding. Sending love because I don’t have $ to send. I am asking God for unexpected blessings and deepened love as you persevere.


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