Finally an update on this crazy RV family

Trust me I know, it has been a long time. I can not believe it has been over 6 months since I have really written. It seems like forever and yesterday all at the same time. I have so much to talk about and share but I am going to break it up into separate blog postings!

I think one of my fears that due to not having a lot of free time is that I would not be able to write “properly”, with the correct grammar or the correct spelling. Yet, I was deeply missing being able to share parts of our life story! I am not a professional blogger, I just want to be a friend that you can relate to. So please be okay with me simply sharing my heart when I get these free moments. Just ignore the imperfections in my writing because I am sure there will be tons. (Our newest addition has been crying since birth and does not sleep at night so bear with me :)) Here are a few upcoming blog posts in no particular order.

*Where in the country are we now and what has been going on?!

*What was it like traveling while pregnant with our 7th baby

*Why did we return home last Fall?

*Welcoming baby #7! The highs, the lows and everything in between of juggling a VERY fussy baby, homeschooling, raising 7 precious children and preparing to move back into our RV!

*Why we decided to move BACK into our RV and the new exciting adventure we are about to go on!

*Comparing the positives and negatives to having lived in a house, to living in an RV to going back into a house and now back into the RV! This going back and forth gives a great new perspective to comparing the two!

*Plus I will be simply sharing (when I am able to) about my life.

-Motherhood, Marriage, Friendships, Homeschooling, my Faith, living SIMPLY in order to REALLY live WELL, RV life and all the highs, the lows and everything in between of our life.

We are a large family that is simply passionate about staying CONNECTED in this busy and crazy world. We have committed to fight to have a good & healthy marriage, to truly be present & active in our children’s lives (not having electronics do our job), to slow down each day to have TIME to LOVE those around us and to have financial freedom to generously give to those in need. We are no longer slaves to debt, to crowded personal schedules or busy work schedules. This isn’t always easy, we know, but we are passionate about it. Therefore we won’t give up on striving to live this way. We only get one life to live and we want to live it WELL.

Below are some pictures introducing Karson Steven Fay. Born January 6, 2017. 4:07am 5lbs 14oz

17 thoughts on “Finally an update on this crazy RV family

  1. Yayyy, looking forward to your blogs and pics of the kids. It was such a gift seeing you all recently. Love you all, Aunt Jenny

  2. So happy to hear from you! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. Welcome back and congrats on the new addition!

    Love from Ohio

  3. Congratulations!!! Y”all have such a beautiful family! Enjoy your life on the road would have loved this life-style ! God bless From Pigeon Forge TN. look forward to hearing about your adventures!!

  4. So very good to hear about you and your family Rick. You are truly blessed.
    Looking forward to hearing what is going on in your lives. GOD bless you and the family.
    Clara and Randy Black..

  5. So happy y’all are doing well and I can’t wait to hear more. Maybe Karson will eventually decide to be a happy boy and stop crying. Our grandson used to cry every time he came to stay with us and it was tough on all of us. Finally he realized that we would spoil him rotten if he would give us a chance. He stopped crying and loves staying here.

  6. So glad to see this post. I was reading your posts when you started out and making mental notes on all your tips. My husband and I are finally scheduled to depart for our year on the road in our 5th wheel on June 5. We have four teens, two of whom will be graduating from homeschool on a June 3 and spending their gap year on the road with us. Perhaps our paths will cross! Blessings to you and yours!

  7. Hey!! So great to hear from you guys! Karson is such a cutie! Glad to hear you didn’t sell the RV and are moving back in! Yay for more adventures waiting for you! We’ll be back in Florida early August, I assume you’ll be on the road before then but maybe our paths will cross again soon!

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