Each child needs ALONE time with MOM DAD

We just finished spending another special night spent with Miss Lyla Jon Fay. As you may know, we have 6 children, therefore making time to spend with each child by themselves is very important to my husband and I. What works best for our family in carving out time is right after the other children have gone to bed. For example Thursday night is Lyla’s special night. (We started with Monday night and went down in order of their ages assigning their special night) Ricky and I complete our bedtime routine with all the kids and have them in bed around 8pm. Then Lyla goes into our bedroom for some sweet quality time with her dad and I. Her all time favorite thing to do with us is playing Pictionary.

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We all have so much fun drawing, laughing and trying to figure out what the other person is drawing! We use this time to get to know her on a deeper level. All phones go away, distractions are put aside and our child gets 100% of our attention. We ask questions and we dig deep. Life gets really busy having 6 little ones and we may accidentally miss our children needing us. Therefore our child’s special night is crucial and we make sure it always happens. We never want our children to dislike having a large family because they feel like they get lost in the shuffle or their voice is never heard. Our children each say and talk about things that they probably never would if we were all together. It is amazing sitting there in our bed, listening to to them share their hearts with us. I wish we would of started this years ago. It makes me sad to think of all the talks and sweet intimate moments we would miss if we did not make time for this.


Thankfully, it is never to late to start pouring into our children’s hearts! The way you spend time alone with your child may look different because you have to do what works best for your family. Just schedule it, make it a priority and then fiercly protect that time! Nothing gets in the way. Our children smile and talk about it being their special night all throughout the day. It reassures me knowing this is a great thing we are doing for them. I see the excitement in their eyes as they look forward to it. They need it, we need it, its a wonderful thing! One of the best feelings for me being a mom is when I know my child’s heart is FULL! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Each child needs ALONE time with MOM DAD

  1. As a grandparent, I’d like to commend you and your husband for instituting the “special night” practice for each child. Will there be the occasional misses, sure. But, your kids will be talking about these times forty years from now. Keep up the good work, and God bless.

  2. We have a hard time finding one on one time with our 7. One thing we do though is take turns taking one kid for our weekly grocery shopping. We switch off me and my husband and one of the kids. For example right now my husband is out with #4, next week will be me and #5, then husband and #6, etc. They all look forward to it being their shopping day. We take them out to eat where they want and then do our shopping together. It’s amazing how much more you get to know them and hear about everything they like when it’s just one. 🙂

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