Its BEDTIME!! This is what our routine looks like :)

Bedtime comes early at the our home! We have always been very strict when it comes to getting these wild things to bed each night. As parents, we NEED our time at night to regroup and refresh for the next busy day! We get started with our routine around 7pm with the kids taking their showers, brushing their teeth and getting their jammies on! Then dad reads either a book or a devotional to them. Nothing is hotter to me than watching my husband teach his kids about Jesus and Jesus’ love for them! Next we go around and take turns praying. Nothing is sweeter than hearing a prayer come from the heart of a child! Then its hugs and kisses and a “you better not get off that pillow or else…” 🙂 Kanyon, our 2 year old, struggles some nights with staying in bed but we just pick him up and back in the bed he goes. Some nights we have to put him back in the bed 2,3, maybe 10 times but we do it! We do not mess around when it comes to them going to bed! They can whisper if they choose, but they are not to be heard or seen. Then either Ricky or I will rock the baby to sleep if she hasn’t already fallen asleep during story time. It is usually 8pm by now. Only the child whose Special Night it is, gets to stay up a little bit later.

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We then spend the next 30 minutes with just ONE of our children. We cherish this time with them each night. Lately the older kids have been choosing to play Pictionary with us, which turns into Hangman because sometimes we need a bit of a hint as to what they drew….;) After we spend that special time with our child, off to bed they go! Some nights we do choose to have late family nights where all the rules go out the window! Nights when we can just be silly, have fun and stay up late are important too! Once every single little body is in bed, my husband and I give each other a look that says 2 things. 1. Yes we made it through another day and night keeping all these little humans alive (and stayed alive ourselves) and 2. it is now time to jump in bed and RELAX! I think a huge part of why we stay sane having 6 kids is due to the structure we have in place. We call it organized chaos! 😉 What does bedtime look like at your home? Do you have a routine? What works best for YOUR family? I love hearing how other families end their day! We will be sure to update and share how our nights are going once we are on the road living this new RV life. 3 more days till our family adventure begins!

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10 thoughts on “Its BEDTIME!! This is what our routine looks like :)

  1. Praying for safe traveling. I know you or your kids will never forget this experience. God bless and have a wonderful time.

  2. Awesome, we are pre-retired and use our motor home as much as possible. It is great that you can make this work. God bless your journey.n

  3. So glad I called this afternoon and got to say farewell to you. Randy and I wish you and your family a safe journey. May God bless you all and we look forward to getting your emails. Just a beautiful family.
    Clara Black

  4. The joy of having both parents by your side is a blessing. Enjoy and may the great Lord above be watching your family on your journey.

  5. Read-aloud time has been precious over the years. Even when the kids get older! Great way to get them motivated to get through their routines! Now that our kids are older, bedtime now includes a “briefing” time, where we look at the calendar for the next day and go over how our plans will affect each family member (like who needs to start dinner prep when, or who needs to get things ready by the door for an outing…) We are big these days on personal responsibility, and yes–keeping Mom straight–I need the briefing time to help me think through what the next day will look like (in theory anyway 😉 )

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