Does your big family still get invited?

We use to get together with families ALL the time when we just had our first born, Kaleb. Our social life pretty much stayed the same when we had our 2nd child, Alison. Then we got a little crazy and kept having more and more kids. Sadly, the invitations to our friends homes became less and less. We know our friends love us, but it’s a lot to take on inviting a big family into their home. We never let is upset us, but it did make our hearts a little sad!

We love our friends and we LOVE getting together with other families. But let’s be honest, we completely understand how overwhelming and scary 6 kids can be! We just want you to know we really, REALLY miss those amazing times together. We do not expect our friends or anyone to have to take on bringing in a herd of tiny humans. WE chose to have a huge family, not anyone else, therefore we respect others having reservations to wanting to invite ALL of us over. I mean hello, it can most definitely be a tad stressful! 😉 We have amazing and well-behaved children, yet there are are SIX of them. Plus, they are kids and will act as such. We never know what they may say or do a minute from now!

We know it is easier to just invite families over to our home now, but we do enjoy getting out of our 4 walls sometimes too! Trust us when we say, it can be loud, chaotic, crazy, and messy having our family over. I promise it can also be amazing, joyful, fun and filled with more laughter than you could ever imagine!

Thank you to the super brave and sweet families who still invite us over. We appreciate you more than words could ever express. We absolutely LOVE your invitations. Thank you for being willing to endure the stress and craziness. We know it’s a sacrifice and not easy. Thank you for being WILLING to love us, encourage us and pour into us. We always leave with full hearts and big smiles!!:)

7 thoughts on “Does your big family still get invited?

  1. We can understand that inviting that many kids over at one time is difficult, but if you do go to someone’s home outdoor stuff would be easier. We always want our three grandkids over to our house, but they live 50 miles away and our son and daughter in law think its too difficult to come that far.

    But on the other hand going to SeaWorld or Disney for two days is not an issue and is about the same distance! They are all 7-9 now and we haven’t gotten the time with them we had hoped for.

    We have even asked to take them with us in the RV for a week or so during the summer, still hasn’t happened. We see them when we can as we are both in our sixty’s now and time is passing by.

    You have a great family and should be the proudest parents ever. You and your children are always welcome at our home or motorhome, and we will handle it the best we can, LOL!

  2. Krista, The invite is still open if you would like to road trip to Iowa! 🙂 Susan Come and stay a day or a week. A few extra children are always welcome!

  3. Hi Krista, I found that my friends with larger families became besties with another large family. I would connect in with my four and be welcome, but I knew they understood each other better than I could. For us, that happened when we gained custody of our son with Autism. It was very sad to lose our social life. We so made the right choice though. He is a joy!!

  4. Good to hear from you. Been missing your posts. I understand what you’re saying and agree that outside is better for a bunch of kids to work off energy.

    Our 2 grand children can supply so many giggles that it sounds more like 4 or 5 of them, so inside can get pretty noisy. We camp at the lake quite a bit during the summer and I invite my sisters to bring their grand kids up for a day so they can play and swim with ours. The result is 8-10 kids running around our campsite, eating, swimming, and having a blast and we all love it.

    Stay safe on the road.

  5. I can understand sometimes,but if you have well behaved kids that’s great because so many people with even one or two children don’t correct them at other peoples homes. We had friends say we would rather have your 5 kids at our home any day then our friends that have 2 kids as they let their kids get into our drawers, mess with our tv, remote’s etc go crazy in our home, you don’t let your kids touch other peoples things they are well behaved and have respect for another’s home, so we was always complemented at restaurants etc, their was a place for them to act as kids and a time for them to be respectful .starting the young ones out in church was always stressful as we took turns hauling the younger one out correcting them as they had to be quiet and not disrupt the service or others would be annoyed around us. You have a beautiful family and I believe you know that by now. Love reading your post. God Bless.

  6. So many of us can relate to LaMonte. We have missed out seeing our grandchildren that live within seven miles. The others live 100 miles away and at 72 we have to go see them. I took them to visit their grandparents when they were growing up. Makes me sad. We have reached out to a young couple who live 300 miles away and adopted them as family. They and their 3 children bring laughter and joy to our lives.

  7. For a second, I thought ALL the kids in the picture were yours. And I thought, “Holy cow! Big family? More like a small village!”

    …then I realized only 6 of them were yours. And it became a little more understandable. Otherwise, I think you’d beat a world record! 🙂

    Don’t let it get you down. My friend has 2 kids and I barely see him, not because we don’t invite them over (we love kids!) but because they find it difficult to travel with the kids.

    You’re so blessed to have such a great family! 🙂

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