Solar Powered RV EASY DIY video

Here is the video that so many people have been asking for! On this video we show you how we set up our RV with solar panels. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to boondock, meaning we wanted to be in rural areas away from the city. One of the main reasons we wanted to go RVing was to enjoy the beautiful sites all around our country. For our family, we did not want to limit our destination options to only RV parks. We want to be able to look out our windows and see nature all around us, not RVs everywhere. Our kids want to be able to step outside the RV and be able to run and explore for miles! If we had to stay at  RV parks just to plug in, it would drastically change our whole experience. We do not want to be squished in RV parks like sardines. We do not want to have to worry about who our neighbors would be or hope that the park management wouldn’t be bothered by the number of kids we had. Plus, when we boondock, we save a LOT of money!! Sure there was an initial cost to setting up our RV with solar but it will pay for itself in no time. It only made sense for our family to go this route because it has given us the freedom to truly roam and explore. Think about it, now we have 80,000 sq. mile national parks as our backyards. Yes, adding the solar panels and batteries did add weight to our RV but we are still getting decent gas mileage, even with pulling our vehicle! The little cost it may add to our monthly gas expense is not noticeable. The money we are saving each month, not having to park an RV park, is what is amazing!

My husband has such a great satisfaction knowing we do not need to plug in anywhere to receive power. Normally we try and save money and go with cheaper products if we can get away with it, but we did not do that with our solar panel system. My husband went with high end American made products because he knew this was something we were going to be doing for a long time. He wanted to know that the system he was installing would last and produce enough power for our family of 8 to live. We chose to go with Magnum Dimensions Inc.  Magnum makes superior quality products and they are an American company located in Everett, Washington. We love it when we are able to buy products made right here in America. The customer service is amazing! They are always available and always very helpful when answering our questions.

We were thankful to have a friend help us out with wiring the system together. If you are ever in Florida and would like a guy filled with abundant knowledge when it comes to wiring solar systems, or any auto related electronic equipment Jeff Marrerro is the guy to call! He is a licensed and auto certified installer. You can also message us if we can help your family with setting up your RV with a solar system. We would love to answer any questions and help however we can. Plus, if we are ever in your town , you are welcome to come check out how we did everything in person! We hope this video helps. There will be more detailed videos on how I made our combiner box and saved hundreds on wiring with just a couple SIMPLE ideas. I will show you the basics of wiring. The idea of inverted panels. And the easiest way to wire and construct/design a system. This video gives you a general overview of how our system is designed and installed on our RV.  Please make sure to like us on Facebook at and subscribe to our Simple Life Full Hearts YouTube Channel for future videos at Thank you!
If you would like Jeff Marrerro to help you install solar panels on your home or RV, you can reach him at  201-914-4074.

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  1. Not too sure what Ricky was talking about, but it look great and efficient. So happy that things are working out for the family. Keep on enjoying what the Lord has made. “For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.” 1 Cor 10:26

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this for our travel trailer! Can you please send me Jeff ‘ s information so I can contact him! Thank you for posting this! Any information will be appreciated! Thank-you so much!

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