Going off the grid!

solarWhen we purchased our RV, we knew we wanted to be as self reliant as possible. This was part of attaining the simple life we wanted! My husband researched for hours upon hours how solar power works in an RV application and became fascinated with the idea of installing them on our RV. We did not just want to go with the cheapest single panel setup. We wanted to be able to store enough power to not have to plug in to an outlet. With a family of 8, we knew we would be consuming a lot of power, therefore we researched even further to get a plan together on how to do it. There are 4 main components to having an off grid system. The panels, the batteries, the inverter and the charge controller. We were able to find a great deal on new panels, still in the box. A local man had purchased them a few years prior and was not able to use them. Ricky installed (12) 100 watt mono-crystalline Sunwize panels to the roof of the RV using a custom framework out of aluminum poles. This framework will allow us to tilt the panels for maximum exposure to the sun at each of our destinations. Next we purchased 8 Trojan T-105RE batteries for the battery bank. For the inverter we purchased the Magnum ms-pae4024 4000 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter. Then we bought the Magnum PT-100 100 amp charger controller. Ricky has been working on this further still researching the absolute best way to wire the system. Our goal is to have everything completed in 2 weeks so we can begin this crazy adventure! We will keep you updated on the progress. Please feel free to ask any questions or give feedback!



magnum controller


sine inverter\

solar panel frame

5 thoughts on “Going off the grid!

  1. My name is Francisco Marrero, I live in New Jersey with my wife Carmen and two other children already grown. My oldest daughter has 2 lovely children and my youngest daughter is single and a student. You already know my son Jeffrey, who wired your panels. I’ve been following your exploits and am fascinated with your drive and determination. I’m a Vietnam Vet, with my sweetheart for 47 years, 43 of them married.
    We are proud of our children and their accomplishments. God Bless you all, drive that RV safely and enjoy all of your endeavors. Frank & Carmen Marrero

    • Hi Francisco! Thank you for writing to us, this was really kind of you! Your son Jeffrey has been a huge blessing to our family. My husband has really enjoyed working alongside him the past few days. You have raised great guy. We were thoroughly impressed with his skill set and knowledge of electronics and problem solving! Way to go dad! Thank you for your service in the military!!

  2. God Bless you on your travels and adventures. My husband and I did this when we retired and traveled for 8 years before he got sick. We loved every minute of it and traveled to almost all the states across the country several times. You are so smart to do this now and with your children. What great memories and what great knowledge they will gain along with the growing ties the closeness of a family can make. What great role models you are already for your children. I will be anxiously following your adventure with you thanks to your web site to make this possible. We miss it so much and it will almost like traveling all over again. Happy And Safe travels to you!!!!

    • Oh Nancy I loved reading this! That is so neat that you guys got to travel so much together! I am sorry to here about your husband getting sick. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  3. I really appreciate you documenting your experiences with RV life style. My wife and I are 65. I decided years ago that I would like to sell everything and move into an RV. It now looks like my wife has seen the light and if all goes close to plan we will be on the road in our 2005 Fleetwood Southwind this summer.

    I plan to write about our RV experince from an older persons viewpoint. Your stories of adventure (good and bad) are inspirational. Thank you.

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