Fulltime RV living expenses

Everyone wants to know how much does it cost to live and travel in an RV? Well, I will be posting our first months expenses in just a few days!! March 11 marks 1 month since we started this RV lifestyle. Please check back soon! 🙂

How much did our RV cost?

How much has gas cost?

Propane expense?



Phone bills?

Campground fees?


What about any RV maintenance?

and more!

2 thoughts on “Fulltime RV living expenses

  1. Looking forward to your Monthly Expense reports! As one of the many “dreamers” out here counting the costs is a big part of our planning process.

  2. April 18th 2016
    Howdy neighbor we are in site 51 at Dockweilder RV Park. We are full timers from Indiana who have been in So Cal for 3 yrs. I started as a travel nurse and my first assignment was CHLA and we haven’t left. We moved west cause our kids live in No Cal and AZ. We will start seriously traveling when I retire in 2017. Until then, we do short trips. Looks like you are having fun discovering this great country. My husband is interested in putting solar panels on our RV. Could you give us some advice?

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