How we MAKE time for our MARRIAGE


Yes, we have 6 kids and finding ALONE time can be difficult BUT we make it happen. I love my husband and he comes before my children. God is first in my life, my husband is 2nd and then comes my herd of crazy,sweet children. My children know very well, that mommy and daddy need time by ourselves. We are teaching our children, by God’s grace, what a marriage should look like. It is only going to benefit them to see us doing our best to make one another a prioirty. Showing them how husband is to treat their wife and vice versa. Our hopes is that when our children are married one day, that they too will make it a priority to carve out quality time to spend with their spouse. We may not be able to go OUT for date nights, but we sure make it happen at home. It is called being creative! Ricky and I find ways to have fun together. I want to be constantly pursuing my husband just as if we were still dating. I never want our relationship to get dull and boring. Therefore I must be ACTIVE in finding ways to always show Ricky I love him and that I am still just as much into him today, as I was 11 years ago! If we do not want to become disconnected from one another then we must make it a point to stay connected! I will be honest, we have had A LOT of hardships and trials in our marriage. We have just simply decided that at the end of each day we will NEVER.GIVE.UP. If it were not for God being the center of our marriage, we would not be the couple we are today. One that is completely head over heels, STILL madly in love with one another. I am so blessed to have a husband that loves me with an unconditional love! Date nights IN will still continue to happen now that we are on the road. You can count on that! 🙂 I would love to know how you and your spouse carve out time to spend alone! What advice can you give to Ricky and I? We appreciate it!


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  1. I would really like to treat the whole family to dinner on the road.. If you are cool with that, please share your route then you can select a place that your whole family would enjoy and let dinner be on us.
    Let me know…

    • Bunny you are so sweet to want to do this. It really touched our hearts to read this comment. We are headed west toward Texas. A kind family invited us to stay on their property in Edin, OK. Lets stay in touch 🙂

  2. Please feel free to stop and spend some time with us if you come through Phoenix!!! You can meet all your crazy cousins from the Ricker side of your family😊

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