Learning to ENJOY homeschooling my kids

Some days are GREAT, some days are not so great. I have learned that if I really want to enjoy and love homeschooling my children, then I need to learn to RELAX more. Especially if I am going to live in a 300 sq ft RV! If being relaxed and laid back doesn’t come naturally for you, it’s okay, just pray and ask God to help you. Whatever you do, don’t give up.


At any minute, all hell can break lose, especially in such tight quarters. The baby can start screaming, the toddler can be coloring the walls, the school aged child can start climbing out the window because they think its funny and the other children can start a wild wrestling match over the last remaining pencil. (somehow we lose all our pencils in 300sq ft?!) I can choose to start to panic while looking up local fire departments to see if they will still allow me to drop off my 2 yr old at their safe haven. I can choose to whine at my spouse and I can choose to just give up and throw in the towel…..OR I can take in a deep breath….okay maybe several deep breaths! I remind myself that everything will be okay and that this is just a part of what life is going to be, having and teaching multiple children! (calling a friend who you know will encourage you and of course lots of prayer helps!) Hello, of course life will get crazy, how could I expect otherwise?! I use to let things and my children overwhelm me rather quickly, but now I have learned to relax, stay calm and go with the flow.


One of the beauties of home schooling is knowing we do not have any schedules to adhere to, therefore if we are having a crazy, and I mean CRAZY day, then “school” can wait. Instead of allowing myself to get upset during intense moments, I try to think creatively and do my best to address the situation in a positive way. Do we need to take a break and go outside? Do we need to just not do “school” today? Do I need a break from the pressure of teaching, and just have a day of playing with my kids? I am trying my best to see past what is going on externally and look into their hearts. If my home is filled with stress and tension, then no one is going to be able to properly learn anything anyways. My kids will dislike school and I will loath teaching. Whether it being me who needs a break, or my children, I am learning to let it happen, whenever it needs to! I no longer get anxious thinking my children will get “behind” if we forgo “school” on any given day. If my husband or I start feeling drained by homeschooling our children, then that is a clear sign, we are taking it WAY to serious and need to relax and have MORE FUN with it. I want more JOY and more LAUGHTER in my home over anything else.


I do not like the way I feel on those hard days when all I want to do is line my children up, send them to the nearest bus stop, hoping the bus will pick them up and take them to school. Will those tough and overwhelming days still come? Of course they will. I am not supermom(dad) and neither are you. Parents have bad days and kids have bad days. That’s just being human! There will be days when I make mistakes, feel like I am failing my children, wish I had a “real” job instead of homeschooling  and I may want to run away some days too. (You know those days where if you here “mom” or “momma” one more time…..) All those feelings and thoughts are normal and OKAY! For myself, I know I am called to do this and I am committed for the long haul. Thankfully I am learning to love each and everyday with my children. The great days where I feel good about all we accomplished “schooling” wise and the days where we throw all the rules out the window and just do life together.


We are learning what it means to “unschool” our children and seeing the beauty in it. I am giving my children more freedom to learn in ways that come naturally for each one. I am gaining more and more confidence in myself. I am learning to NOT compare my children to other children. I am ridding myself of all the pressure of thinking we have to do “school” a certain way. I had a sweet friend tell me, Krista, you know God has called you to do this with your children. Therefore, you just need to show up each morning and give it your best, and trust that God will fill in the gaps! Now when I open my eyes in the morning, I no longer cringe at the thought of “schooling” my children. I get up, pour myself a HUGE cup of iced coffee and know I’ve got this!  Some days doing more “school” than others, some days just doing life, but learning to love and enjoy EVERYDAY.

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I have learned that the more we can be there for one another in this homeschooling journey….the easier it is! We don’t have to parent the same or school the same to be kind and loving to one another! Everyone teaches and raises their children in different amazing ways! Let’s not let those differences separate us and make us feel lonely. We are all just doing our best. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Learning to ENJOY homeschooling my kids

  1. My daughter has homeschooled her 6 children and had breaks of time with them in a small Christian school. Homeschooling has been way better for them all. 4 of them have or are going through the Police Explorer program here locally. It’s been a great addition to learning life skills!

  2. I home schooled my 4 kids, 2 through high school. I miss it. There were many days I felt the same as you. I did not have a supportive husband so I put my kids in school to pursue a degree….for a time. As I said, my husband was unsupported so everything rested on my shoulders, including finding ways to pay for college, do my homework, help kids in every way, cook, clean, shop, discipline, etc. I learned that homeschooling was easier; the kids were easier, daily life was easier. The kids’ schools, their demands, driving to 3 different schools, rules, schedules, poor teaching methods, lack of support, daily complaint phone calls and threats upon me and my boys for being boys (even well behaved, caring and intelligent) were not worth it. I traded the career for my children, and stayed with an unloving man. I ditched the old man when my 2 sons insisted on public school and my 2 daughters moved out. Now I have a great guy in my life (11 yrs now) who loves my children and grandkids like his own. I’m trying to encourage my oldest to homeschool her children, while I support her and give her the simple of it. She loves staying home with her children, as is loving, right, healthy. But like all moms, my daughter needs more interactions with the outside. I help her with the kids every chance I get. I love it!
    Right now, I’m pursuing my dream and living on the road full time so I don’t see her munchkins as much as I would like.
    BTW, you’re doing a fantastic job as a mom. It’s OK to feel conflicting thoughts and emotions about doing the loving thing, but get worn out at times. Being a mom is the hardest job, the least valued, and the most importamt in our world. Your reward comes from seeing your grown children with independent, creative minds, hearts and lives. And they will remain close family to each other. Peace.

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