Yes sometimes we lose a kid

Visiting Arches National Park was an amazing experience. The drive in to the park itself was spectacular. The views on everyone’s faces said it all. We could not believe the different structures we were seeing. We kept thinking that one of the balanced rocks would for some reason fall and we would catch it on camera! Once we finally made it to the parking lot where the first set of Arch windows were located, we got out and hiked!

We definitely should of eaten before we got there because we did not realize how hungry we were until we started hiking. We kept hoping we would find a hot dog or pretzel stand along the hiking trail….but no such thing! We are trying to get more more organized with having a backpack on hand at all times filled with snacks. Right now we use all our mental and physical energy keeping up with all 6 kids! People at the park even asked us if we have ever lost or forgotten a child before. The honest answer was yes, of course we have! Ricky loves to say, that is why we have so many kids, if we lose one, there are still 5 more! (obviously just joking!)

Our kids could seriously run and explore all day and night if we let them! We love it that they have no fear but sometimes they get a little to brave! Ricky and I are always asking them to please stop scaling the mountains! There were times our kids were climbing so high on the rocks that people would stop and watch. I would overhear them say I can’t believe those kids are climbing like that…..I would think to myself, do I stand and pretend I don’t know who those kids are or do I claim them……?? 😉 It sure takes a lot of energy keeping these wild children alive each day!

After we were done at the Arches we went to the next coolest spot, the famous steep sandhill!! Don’t be fooled into thinking it is easy to climb! I watched my husband go up it the first day and I was mean and made fun of him being so “slow”. Well the next day he made me do it. I was only a 1/3 of the way up when I started asking people around me for oxygen like a crazy person! I could not catch my breath and I think those around me though I was joking, ha! No, I am just not in shape like I thought I was! Once I finally made it to the top, I realized oh geez now I have to go back down. I looked and children all around me were seriously throwing their bodies down this hill, flipping and turning the whole way down. My kids were yelling for me to do the same, I was like yeah right, I need a ski lift to bring me back down. Thankfully we all eventually made it back down and drove back to our BEAUTIFUL CAMPSITE!

I am still freaking out about this awesome FREE campsite we stayed at for 2 nights just a few miles outside of Arches National Park. The views outside every window was breathtaking! I am so happy that my talented husband put solar panels on our RV making it possible for us to boondock wherever we want and for however long we want! Not only did we have the perfect camping location, we also met the sweetest friends AGAIN. 🙂 The 2nd night we were there we invited our two neighbors to have yummy smores with us. Altogether there were 15 of us enjoying the campfire! It was a great night of fellowship and eating smores till our bellies ached. Our time here in Moab was perfect.

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  1. Great blog! My wife and I followed you yesterday for a few minutes out of Monticello, Utah. Just had to check out your website. Not sure I’ve ever seen that many bikes hanging off an RV.

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