Why we chose this RV life for our family

Simplify: LESS is the new MORE is my new favorite quote!! It describes our life perfectly! We still laugh when we think about how we moved from a 1,900 sq ft home into a 300 sq ft RV home with 6 kids. People ask us what made us decide to do this? Well, this life on the road idea came to be when my husband and I were sitting in bed talking one night. Our lives had been moving toward living a much more simple life for awhile. We were tired of feeling like we were always rushing through life, being completely exhausted at the end of each day. My husband was sick and tired of working endless hours to pay for things we did not need while missing out on the lives of his children. We kept saying what is this life anyways if all we are doing is working, feeling miserable and stretched thin at the end of each busy day. Enough was enough. We wanted to enjoy this amazing life God has given us. We wanted to spend MORE time together as a family therefore we were more than content to have LESS things. We simplified everything in our lives, now my husband does not have to make as much income, therefore he is able to be present in our lives. Since life is short and unpredictable, we decided NOW was the time, no more “one day”. What’s crazy is by us getting rid of all the stuff, we have really gained so much more. More time together, more time with others and more time creating beautiful moments!


We had always talked about “one day” buying an RV and traveling America. We always said we would when we retired, or when the kids were out of the house or if we won the lottery. It made sense to go this route because we wanted a simple life, well it does not get much more simple than this. Come to find out you do not have be retired, your kids can still be at home and you do not have to win the lottery! It is about making wise decisions with your money and time.  If we can do it being a family of 8, anyone can do it! People ask what the process looked like, going from living in a home to getting rid of everything and then taking off in an RV. Well, first we bought an RV off of Craigslist from a sweet couple in our city. Then we had several garage sales over the course of 2 months, getting rid of nearly everything we owned.  Having the RV on our property allowed us to organize and figure out exactly how we and our belongings were going to fit. It made selling all of our things that much easier because it was very obvious we could only take what we needed. Let me tell you what, getting rid of all the excess stuff was extremely soul and mind refreshing!! We didn’t realize how much stuff we had accumulated until we started going through each room. It was ridiculous that we had such an overabundance of things that we truly did not need. Once we felt we had wrapped up everything on our to do list, we moved our RV over to my mom’s yard to begin living in it fulltime. We wanted to live in it for a few weeks to get an idea of how long we could go before needing to dump our wastes and refill with water. We wanted to gain some experience and get comfortable before we hit the road! Right away we started realizing that some of the things we thought we needed, we did not need. We also realized we needed to get a few things that we hadn’t thought of until living in the RV. We had ZERO experience with RVs and we had a whole lot of questions. Google was our best friend in figuring out a lot of things. We knew that until we actually got on the road, we wouldn’t get a true feel for it. Therefore we decided it was time to just go for it!

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Were their hiccups and troubles to finally getting on the road? Yep, there sure were, but we didn’t allow them to discourage us because knew this is what we were suppose to do. We had so many emotions going through us as we pulled out on our adventure. We were so excited to begin this new chapter of our lives, yet nervous because we could not believe we had just sold all our things to do this. We were overjoyed that this was finally happening after all our hard work of preparing and getting ready, yet sad to leave our family, friends and church. We were happy to know that this dream was finally coming true yet a little afraid, as we were headed into a lot of unknown. All these emotions are normal. It is not always easy going through changes and doing new things.  Ultimately we were down right ecstatic about this crazy adventure we were going to go on as a family!  One day prior to us leaving, my mom told me, Krista you guys will never regret doing this as a family. I knew she was right! I remember looking around my new home as we left out of town that first night. I saw my husband and my 6 sweet kids, and my heart was FULL because that was all I needed on this journey! I was so THANKFUL knowing I was going to have many opportunities to pour in the hearts of my children and fully invest  into my marriage.

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The whole process from when my husband and I agreed to moving fulltime into our RV took about 4 months. Some people thought we were/are crazy for traveling in our RV with 6 kids, while others say they wish they could do this too! Some days I feel like the walls are caving in, but then we just open the door and go outside! 🙂 Some days I feel like I may lose my mind having all these bodies in our tiny home. I would not change this life for anything though! All the positives far outweigh the negatives. There will always be good days and hard days, that is just life. Having a small home has forced us to work together as a family more than ever before. We all work as a team and we figure things out as we go. My children have always been close with one another, but now its easy to see their relationships growing even stronger! My husband and I’s relationship is deepening as we no longer have a million things pulling us away from one another. There is more JOY and LAUGHTER in our home since we have simplified our lives. Life is better now. My husband works jobs here and there when he needs to cover our bills. Our overhead is way less now, so it is not hard to provide to meet our needs. We no longer feel rushed and are able to really enjoy each moment. Since being out on the road, we have come to realize that there are a whole lot of families who are doing the same thing we are! We have already met the sweetest people, who have become our friends, since being on the road. People who are living this same type of lifestyle are way nicer than those city folks 😉 They all realized what we did, that people, relationships and experiences are what matter most in life. I am so glad we made this decision for our family. We know the best is still yet to come! I hope this posting will encourage you and your family to follow your dream. From talking to other families who did this with their children growing up, they ALWAYS say it was the GREATEST years of their life. We like to tell other people who are contemplating this idea to “just do it”, because like my mother said, you will not regret it! 🙂 Message me if you ever want to talk, I would love to answer any questions and help encourage your family to follow your hearts!