Where are we going?

blog mapWe set out to leave Florida February 12! We really do not have any particular itinerary in mind but know we are headed west. We are in no rush, and want to take our time. Our goal is to simply explore as much of America as we can with the kids! We are going to be staying on primarily on BLM land and in the National Forests. BLM stand for the Bureau of Land Management which administers 264 million acres of public lands, located primarily in the 12 Western States. Both of these allow for “dry camping” or “boondocking” where you can stay for free up to a certain amount of days, usually 14. (I will review the apps and resources we are going to be using to find these locations in a later post. I will also give GPS points to all the best places as we come to them!) We are set up to live off the grid and do not want to be paying to stay anywhere unless we really have to. This is also what helps us afford this lifestyle! The whole point of this awesome adventure is not to end up in costly RV parks where we are looking out at other RVs. We want to look out our windows and see God’s amazing creation all around us! We do have family spread out around the country and will route ourselves to stop in and visit them as we are able to! This is also part of the way we are able to make income on the road. Our family helps set up work for my husband to do when they know we are coming through. My husband is a home builder and knows how to pretty much do anything and everything! Two of our favorite purchases for our trip is one, a United States vinyl decal that goes right in the RV window. We put the vinyl stickers on the state as we come to it. The kids are super excited about this! This is a fun way for us to see which states we have made it to, which ones we still need to go to, and also for cars driving by to see our trip progress. The other thing we purchased was a GPS geared toward RVs. We know we will not always have cell service to guide us around. Plus we want to make sure we travel on the safest and easiest routes for driving a huge RV! Stay tuned with us as we will always update and write reviews/post photos of our camping destinations. I would also love to know your families whereabouts in hopes we could possibly meet up!


Our favorite apps that we feel give a lot of useful information

Allstays Camp and RV $9.99

Ultimate US Public Campgroud $3.99

Sanidumps RV dump station FREE

Walmart Overnight Parking Locator FREE (It is always good to know where there is a free parking area for the night if you are not able to reach your desired destination or if that destination was full. )

Truck Stop Locator FREE


Our Favorite Website for researching camping locations (there are many but this is my favorite)



Camping blogs I enjoy following that give LOADS of great information




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  1. While in Colorado let me suggest staying at Chambers lake. It’s above Ft Collins off of 14. Free camping if you drive past the lake. There are 2 pay campgrounds, just drive past them. Lot of wild life. The moose are our favorite.

  2. We are in Colorado in a small mountain town outside of Colorado Springs called Woodland Park. Let us know when you are in town and I promise my hubby and I will give you and your family adventures you won’t forget. We can take your family rock climbing, backpacking and hiking in out of the way places all out of the kindness of our hearts and some free home cooked meals! We love ministering to other Christian families. We traveled with our 2 boys for 6 months just tenting it and backpacking when they were 7 and 9 and before kids my hubby and I did it for 14 months. Our boys are 21 and 19 now but still have a love for the outdoors and adventuring. We homeschooled too an adventure in itself. May God bless you and keep you all safe while you travel. 🙂

    • Hi Janet! I just got SO excited reading this comment from you! My brother lives in Colorado Springs, how neat is that! We are already planning on going to see him, but now we are going to have to stop and spend time with you guys! This is so kind of you to offer to do this with us. We would love to do this. Let’s please stay in touch 🙂

  3. Krista,
    I haven’t said but I am amazed at the woman and mom you have become! Wow wow wow. When we were on the road with our family, I would ask those who shared that they had lived with their family on a bus for part of their childhood, “what was it like for you?” Without exception, they all said it was their favorite part of their time with their family. I am excited to follow your journey. Know I am praying for you all.

    • Hi Caroline!! It brought such a smile to my face to see this comment from you! I think of you often. You were always so kind to me and I always loved our time together 🙂 We are so excited about this time we get to have with our family! Would love to meet up with your family one day!

  4. Well currently we reside in Central North Carolina. Not exactly West… But beautiful none the less. Kind of cold still in February. You are welcome to visit us any time. Much love to your beautiful family.
    I remember our launch… I kept wondering if I had forgotten something but it was ALL with me. Haha such a free feeling once I was used to it.

  5. We live in Leesburg and spent last summer traveling our beautiful America!
    We left in May of 2015, heading West, trying to stay off the freeways. The highlights of our 13,000 mile trip were the Oregon Trail, Pony Express, Redwood Trail, Cross in Groom, Tx.Golden Spike in Utah and many museum in small towns throughout. We will be following your travels & praying for a safe, healthy, happy trip!

    • Hi Emily! Thank you for reminding us that we do not want to take the freeways but travel the more beautiful roads less traveled! I am writing down your highlights for sure!

  6. We traveled for 5 years. Suggest you hit the forums at RV.net before you go into any state. Ask about where to go, what to see, what to avoid.

    The best things you will see and experience are free. EG… I threw a baseball from the same mound as Catfish Hunter did when he played Little League. We have stood in the same spot as 7 Presidents. Sat where Otis Redding wrote Sitting on the Dock of The Bay.

    Some days we drove 300 miles, other days 30. When we started, someone told us we could not see everything, but it would be fun trying. If you see a sign to go see The Big Red Rock…..go see it.

    Get your passports, you will want to cross the border into Canada.

    I suggest you leave Florida by going North on the 19 towards the Panhandle and hug the Coast all the way up.

    First fun stop in Inglis/Crackertown. Take Follow that Dream Blvd and go sit where Elvis sat.

    Just to wrap up, we first hit all of the States that border the Atlantic, the Canadian border, the Pacific and the southern states. Like a big donut. Then we did the Interior states.

    If you get in the Montreal area, give us a shout. We will be glad to give you a superb look at our cornerof the world.


  7. We are from Clermont, about 6 mos into our year long RV adventure…Currently in Quartzite…if you make it here next winter, La Posa South BLM is great, but lots of adult beverage! Also, if you go to the Grand Canyon, we loved the North Rim, stayed in Jacobs Lake…lastly, a couple of my favorite blogs are RV-Dreams and Camper Chronicles ….see you on the road, and safe travels!

    One more thing, we love all the festivals in N. Georgia in October! Sorghum Syrup is yummy and very nutricious for your pancake dinner!!, Safe travels

    • Hi Ellen!! Thank you for writing me with all that useful information. I hope our families run into each other one day on the road! 🙂

  8. Hi Krista and family,

    I too, am from Leesburg. This was exciting to hear about you guys and your adventure. I have already liked your Facebook page and I have bookmarked your web page. I just wanted to wish you great adventures and good luck to you and your family. Have fun seeing God’s country! I will add you to my prayer list and church and my own prayers. My thoughts are with you!

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