What happens in Vegas

This was everyone’s first time in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were able to camp for FREE two nights, right next to the Vegas strip. We used that amazing website http://www.freecampsites.net to find this campsite. We all had such a good time walking around the strip. There was definitely A LOT to look at. Interesting things, interesting people. 🙂 SO many people came up to us asking us if all the children were ours. Of course they are ALL ours. 🙂 It must not be very common in certain areas to see larger families because we get asked those questions often & that’s okay because we LOVE our big family. I appreciate people taking time to ask because it reminds me to quickly count my children to make sure I even still have all 6 of them! We walked around for a few hours and also checked out a few stores. Of course, Ricky and I always get yummy iced coffee if we see a coffee shop. Someone has to have enough energy to keep up with these crazy kids! We all had such a fun time experiencing Vegas.

Sadly, there were a lot of homeless people here in Vegas and that really affected our children. Their hearts were extremely broken over it. (Being homeless, hits close to home in our family.) Once we got back to the RV, Alison decided she wanted to make “homeless bags”. Alison lead this amazing project as we took gallon sized zip lock baggies and filled them with goodies. (sweet video to come!) Now we will always have them on hand to give out to homeless people. Our children have the most giving and sweet hearts, we could not be any more proud of them. Everyday we wake up and pray together, “God help us LOVE others the way you LOVE them, and that is extravagantly and unconditionally!” This world needs more LOVE in action. 🙂

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