Traveling at a good relaxing pace

Visiting Garden of the Gods has been one our favorite things we have done in Colorado Springs, CO. People have told us if we think this place is magical just wait until we visit the canyons and parks further west! Those statements about what sights are still to come in our journey has made us super excited! Its hard not to get anxious and want to get up and go to the next best thing! Yet we want to fully enjoy each and every place we visit, and not be in too much of a hurry to get to the next place! This is still something we are learning and figuring out….how to take it slow and not rush any part of our explorations. We left that busy go go go life and don’t want to slip back into it for just different reasons. We have no schedule to adhere to and nothing that requires us to be there, therefore we have to remind ourselves to TAKE.OUR.TIME. Even with doing really fun and awesome things, we can still get burnt out. We don’t want to exhaust the kids or ourselves. In just our short time of travels, we have noticed the whole atmosphere in our home change when we started hurrying and moving too fast. Stress levels would rise, emotions would start to run wild and we would notice we were starting to not enjoy our days as much. No one wants a home like that! We want our home to be filled with peace and JOY! Ricky and I are doing our best to stay in tune with our children and how they are doing and feeling in this new life of traveling, as well as one another. If we need to slow down in our travels or even in our daily routine, we slow down, RELAX and choose to make the best of it, even it it may be a little crazy. 🙂 Again, we are still learning to balance all of this and get in a good rhythm. One thing we know for sure is that we each LOVE this new SIMPLE life. If your a family that travels more than staying stationary, how does it look for you guys? How long do you normally stay at each destination and how do you plan your next route? What tips can you give us? Thank you!! We really appreciate all of you who email and message us with advice. I love this community of travelers who really care about one another. I was really sad leaving my friends behind in Florida but I am thankful for all the new, great friends God has brought into my life. I look forward to reading about how your family found a good pace to travel at.


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  1. Time is the only gift given in equal measure to all of us. Savor it, embrace it, share it, for you can never recapture it. Feel no guilt when you stop and smell the “roses” wherever you find them.

    Looking forward to perhaps reading how you fared in the Colorado blizzard, or what you did to avoid it.


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