Top things to do in Waco, Texas! #fixerupper

Yes, we are extreme Fixer Upper fans! I knew exactly where I wanted to take Ricky for the birthday he had recently, Waco, Texas! When we have time at night to watch TV, you can usually find us watching Fixer Upper episodes, because we LOVE Chip and Joanna! I took time and did my research on the places we wanted to visit while we we there to make sure we didn’t miss anything. We wanted to go to the places that we see when we watch the show such as the Silos (the obvious!), their favorite coffee shop, the antique stores Joanna shops at, Clint Harp’s shop, their metal sign guy Jimmy Don’s shop and more! I will make your trip to Waco, Texas a little bit easier by going ahead and listing out the must see places to visit and their addresses! Your very welcome. 🙂

We also took time to explore Austin and San Antonio as well since we were so close, we made the very best out of our weekend get-a-way! (I have pictures below from those cities as well) This was seriously our most favorite trip we have taken to date! It was SO MUCH FUN! Please pull out your bucket list before you forget and add Waco, Texas to it, I know you will love Texas just like we did. 🙂

I know the big question might be, how in the world were you able to go there, having 7 kids and all?! Well, Ricky and I make it a huge priority to carve out time in our schedule to focus on our marriage and to keep that fire burning bright! If you know us, you know that we are very frugal with our money, therefore we are able to do special trips like this. Remember we would rather collect MEMORIES over things any day. Having 7 little ones does make it tougher to find that time but we MAKE it happen. We were each other’s first love before these little cuties came along, and we are going to take the time to stay in Love. NOW, I know you are done reading all that and you are thinking “just cut to the chase and tell me how do I see Chip and Joanna once I get there?” Well, you just may if you do what we did and I have all that listed below.

Okay, so before I begin talking about the fun places to go let me first tell you about our amazing airline ticket deal we got with Frontier Airlines!! We were able to get $59/each way from Florida to Texas! You just can not beat that in our opinion. So please check with them first and see if they fly out of a city near you. We had to think outside the box a little to get that great deal on the dates we needed by flying into Austin, TX and then flying back out from San Antonio, TX.

Now to have tons of fun in Waco……

Magnolia Market at The Silos- 601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76706- Oh my goodness did we have the BEST time here even though we didn’t actually get in either place, haha. Please note that 20,000 people visit the Silos on any given week so expect there to be crowds of people! We sadly could not even get into the market to go shopping because the lines were ridiculously long. We were about to pretend we knew someone up towards the front and say “Hey you, we made it”…..and casually slip in line… but we didn’t. Ugh, but we should have because I really wanted to buy SOMETHING to bring back but at least we have cool pictures! Plus, just the experience of being there and hanging out was tons of fun! We can not wait to go back as a family!

The Bakery at the Silos (same location)-601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76706-The lines to get those delicious cupcakes were wrapped around the building and moving very slowly. Therefore after talking to the locals they told us about another amazing local bakery but it did make me cry inside to not have one of Jojo’s cupcakes:( It’s okay though because we have an excuse to go back! Next time we will definitely pay one of our kids to stand in line for us, hello!

Common Grounds Coffee Shop1123 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76706- their iced coffee is AMAZING!

Lula Jane’s Bakery-406 Elm Ave, Waco, TX 76704 (because you probably will not get into the bakery at the Silos due to the very long line unless you are the patient type and do not mind waiting!)-Please order their chocolate chip cookies which they are known for, simply the BEST!

Spice Village- 2nd & Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76701- You’ll recognize many from Joanna Gaines’ televised shopping adventures.

LaSalle Shoppes-2223 La Salle Ave, Waco, TX 76706- Over 65 shops in one place. Good thing we flew and couldn’t take much back with us because I wanted everything in this store!! This store had a lot of super cute stuff.

JDH Iron Designs- 9685 Lone Star Parkway, Valley Mills, TX 76689- Jimmy Don is such a nice guy! We were thrilled that we got to meet and take a picture with him. His signs are awesome but way out of our price range. It was still fun looking around his shop and talking with his sweet coworkers.

Harp Design Co. and Showroom-808 N. 15th St, Waco TX. 76707- What an adorable shop this is! Plus, if you look next door when you are here, you will see the beautiful home that Chip and Joanna did for Clint and his family! They do not live there anymore due to privacy reasons, but the home can be rented out on

The Historic Elite Cafe-2132 S Valley Mills Drive, Waco, Texas 76706- Chip has always wanted to have a breakfast restaurant and he now will have one that will be opening soon!

Bradshaw Estate-  3601 Hillcrest Drive, Waco, Texas- this is the 114 year old home Chip and Joanna recently bought to do something cool with! We all have to stay tuned to see what they end up doing with this neat property!

Magnolia House- 323 S. Madison Ave, McGregor, TX 76657- This is their adorable Bed and Breakfast they renovated and opened last year. It booked out for the year in just a matter of hours! This is about a 15 minute drive out of town but it’s worth it, plus the drive itself is quite pretty!

The Farmhouse- Yes, we are those creepy people that had to slowly drive by their home and see if we could spot them hanging outside. Do not even judge because you would do the same thing. 😉 We also wanted to see their beautiful home in person and wow is their farmhouse gorgeous! It was neat for Ricky and I to be able to join in prayer for the Gaines Family as we stared in admiration at their property.

Of course you may also want to check out other places in Waco such as Baylor University, the Dr. Pepper Museum, the Waco Suspension Bridge and other neat things in the area. It is a cute little town that is now one popular destination place! This town that I am sure use to be very quiet, now has tour buses taking people around to all the places that have to do with the Fixer Upper show. Our family is very grateful for shows like Fixer Upper that is based around a family that loves the Lord, shares great family values and good work ethics. There are not many shows these days that we can watch with our children. We hope and pray that God continues to bless their sweet family!

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Famous-I love you so much mural in Austin, TX
Graffiti Park in Austin, TX
Zilker Metropolitan Park in Austin, TX
Micklethwait Craft Meats, Austin, TX- Best Bar-b-que EVER

Japanese Tea Gardens, San Antonio, TX- Must visit place near the Riverwalk!
Japanese Tea Gardens, San Antonio, TX- Must visit place near the Riverwalk!
Japanese Tea Gardens, San Antonio, TX- Must visit place near the Riverwalk!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. So good to see you and your beautiful family. You are truly blessed..

  2. Hey friends. Glad you are writing again and had a little getaway. What did you think of the graffiti park? We went there too. The smell of all the artists working there bothered me. It also didn’t seem safe for the kids especially the youngest. But I liked the idea of it.

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