The main living area where we eat/play/sleep/home school!

sq foot home

I still can NOT believe that 8 people are living inside of 300sq feet of space! The first few weeks after we bought our RV I would just walk up into it, look around and ponder, how on earth am I going to get everything in here that we need?  We needed to maximize every inch of this space! It truly made it quite easy to keep getting rid of and selling everything because it was very obvious, it was NOT going to fit. It is easy to keep up with everything when there isn’t much to keep up with! The last thing we wanted to do was be all claustrophobic and uncomfortable! It was time to simply, simplify, SIMPLIFY. I promise you that getting rid of everything was the most refreshing and exhilarating thing we have ever done!



entry viewThe view of the living area as you walk up the steps. The couch folds out into a bed which the 3 boys sleep on. The kitchen table folds down in a bed which the 2 older girls sleep on.






interior 2As you can see in this picture we screwed in 2 hooks to hang items. One is a plastic bucket that I got at the dollar tree which holds all our remotes nice and neat! The other hook holds a backpack that holds inside it another backpack for when the kids go outside exploring! They LOVE bringing everything they think they will need for their adventure. Between the driver’s chair and passenger seat you can see a black toy box that also serves as a piano bench for their keyboard. The kids were all allowed to bring their favorite toys, to the exception that I had to be able to close the lid so it could be used as the piano bench. 🙂 My husband hung 6 more screw in hooks from the ceiling to hang their hats and also added a fun decorative touch! You can also see a pack n play that we have set up right when you walk up the stairs. Mishka sleeps in it at night and plays in it while we home school during the day.

hat holderMy husband is so cute and creative 😉





pianoOur oldest two children, Kaleb and Alison have been taking piano for over 6 months and doing great at it. We did not want them to forget what they have learned so we knew we had to find a place for their keyboard! Here it sits perfectly between the front seats when we are stationed somewhere!




bookshelf  Above the couch and the kitchen table in a long cabinet where we keep everyone’s reading books. The cabinet to the right contains orange bins that I also bought at the dollar tree. In them we keep extra school supplies and our flash cards.




family rulesThis is my favorite family rules sign that my dad bought for us from Cracker Barrel a few years ago!








underseat storage I love it that our table benches have large pull out drawers underneath them. We keep all sorts of craft projects (thank you mom!) and legos under the bench seat on this side of the table. On the other side we keep school supplies.








20160120_144349 I bought these cool pencil holders from yet again, the dollar tree! We screwed in more of those hooks and now they easily organize the kid’s pencils, markers and crayons! (We love those screw in hooks)








whiteboardMy favorite part of our living area is this wall where we hung up our whiteboard. We use this whiteboard all the time for homeschooling. At night we love using it to play our favorite game, Pictionary! This wall also gave us the perfect space to personalize and make special 🙂 Plus we can decorate around it for whichever holiday is coming up next which as you can see is Valentine’s Day.








We bought this awesome knife holder that fits perfectly in our cabinet!









plate holder

We also got this nifty pop-a-plate holder which saves on cabinet and counter space. The kids can easily get their plates themselves. Plus we hung it right by the door so when we are outside grilling, they are easy to access!





spicesWe bought this spice rack off of Amazon and I am in love! All my spices are easy to see and organize!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our new home! I am sure there are things I have forgotten to mention but wanted to go ahead and show you what we have done so far in the main living area. I will also post more in the future as we continue to modify and improve as we see a need come up. Please post tips on how you organize your home, I would love to hear them! 🙂

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  1. You are amazing and love all you neat tricks. I can learn from you. I am also excited for you and you family and will be following you along the way. The Grand Canyon is amazing! Safe travels and God Bless your husband, you and your children!

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