The KINDEST man we met today, who touched our hearts forever!

We received a call from our local paper saying that one of their readers wanted to get a hold of our family. She gave us his number and my husband called him. After my husband got off the phone he came over to me and began telling me how this man, now in his 80’s had traveled around America for MANY years of his life. He too traveled the states in an RV with his children. This sweet man wanted to meet our family and share his travel stories, tips and advice with our family. We decide to invite him to our all time favorite spot, Dip-a-Dee donuts. To be honest I was a little nervous getting together with him with all 6 of our children. I was afraid we would scare him with our big family! Well, let me tell you what, 2 hours later we were still sitting there with him engaged in the most interesting conversations. This man has really lived a full and beautiful life. We listened intently as he shared lovely stories of his family, about his service in the Navy, his incredible travel advertures and more! He spoke wonderful words of encouragement over our family. He loved our children and our children enjoyed being around him! Then he pulled out an Atlas that outlined and highlighted all his past travels in America! We were in awe as we flipped each page, seeing all the neat places he has been. I kept thinking how we do we get this man to come with us and be our personal guide!? I asked him if I could take pictures of each page filled with ink he had scribbled all those years ago. He looked at me and said honey I want to give your family this Atlas. I could not believe he wanted to give our family such a special gift! Okay, now we are definitely adopting him into our family I thought! πŸ™‚ Then it came time to leave and right before we left from this wonderful visit, he handed us an envelope. I opened it up to see it filled with money. I immediately started crying. I kept saying we can’t accept this, this is just too much, the Atlas was already more than enough….He hugged me and said honey, you have to take this. God has been so good to me and my family. I saw your family in the paper and instantly knew God wanted me to bless you guys. Ricky and I both were very emotional as we kept thanking him for taking time to love on our family. This sweet man has forever impacted our lives. Our children got to see firsthand an extreme act of kindness that truly comes from God above. Today, we felt God’s loving arms all around our family. Β This was another confirmation that this is EXACTLY what we are suppose to do. God is FAITHFUL!


Thank you for being an example on what it means to slow down and take time to LOVE other people. We promise to follow your lead and will be just as giving and generous with others.

7 thoughts on “The KINDEST man we met today, who touched our hearts forever!

  1. Wow, that is so encouraging. What a huge hug and smile from God on your family AND on this gentleman. Not all families would value his stories, so you gave him a wonderful gift as well.

  2. Well, you see what people are made of? It’s beautiful when you meet people like that. This world is full of many people just like him. Nice to hear stories like that. My son told me of what your husband did, hooking up the brain for your solar unit by himself. That means that my son did his job in making you feel confident in yourselves and knowledgeable when you are in far off places. Were proud of our son and how he carries himself and are glad he could help you your plans. When you help others, I feel that this helps in making a better person of yourself. Wiser, and that God in some little strange way, will pay you back for that later on in life.

    Francisco Marrero

  3. We also did the Atlas thing, plus we took a small stone from every interresting place we visited….Just keep the stones in a sewing kit box from W, in individual slots with a short note of where it comes from.

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