RVing in southern California

We LOVE thrift shopping and going to yard sales! 95% of what we own is used. In order to live this SIMPLE LIFE, we have to be very wise with our money. We actually get a high out of buying used because we always seem to find the COOLEST things that cost a very little amount. Seriously I am buying these shoes for $3.00?! when someone probably spent over $60! Score!! Our RV is filled with beautiful items and we all have nice clothing, and it is pretty much all USED! I love it when people tell us they like something and want to know where we bought it, I smile and say, a thrift store! For us, there is no reason to every have to spend a lot of money on material things when it is easy to go to a used store and find the same things. It just makes sense to live this way because look at this amazing life we get to live due to us simply being “thrifty”. 🙂

California is BEAUTIFUL! So far we have been able to visit Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave Desert, Los Angeles, and the Sequoia National Forest! Our favorite part of southern California has been the time on the beach in Los Angeles. I had never been to a beach where there are fire pits set up all down the beach for people to enjoy having a nice fire at night. I am not sure what I loved most: the breathtaking sunsets every night, having the beach within steps from my RV, being able to have a fire next to the ocean or my husband and I being able to have date nights on the beach! Oooh la la

My dad was SO kind & generous to want to pay for our family to camp for several days at this beachfront campsite. We stayed at Dockweiler RV park in LA. To top off my dad being awesome he also flew in all the way from Wisconsin and surprised the kids!! Boy how I wish I would of had it on video camera when my dad walked up onto the beach and called out to the kids. They all looked, their jaws dropped and they all went running full speed into his arms! It was a very sweet moment. These children sure do love their grandpa. My dad spoiled us while he was here, treating us to yummy meals, fun outings and helping with the kids! Between spending precious time with my dad and making new friends in LA, we were sad to pack up and leave.

That is one of the hard parts about traveling, is having to say good bye. Thankfully, we always leave places with the greatest memories and with the hopes we will see all our new friends again someday. Even though our hearts are sad to leave a place we truly enjoyed, we are always excited to venture to the next exciting place! We left Los Angeles on Friday and drove up to the Sequoia National Forest and boondocked near a hot spring. You have no idea how excited we were to experience going into a hot spring! We woke up early the next day and started our hike to the local spring, unfortunately we were not able to go which was such a BUMMER for us all……you will find out why in the video! 😉 Have you ever been to a hot spring? What are they like? Our kids are really hoping we can still find one to go too! All I think about when I hear the word hot springs is  the scene in the movie Daunte’s Peak where the bodies are floating in the water. Eeeek!! Next we are headed to Yosemite so if your family is there or near there, please let us know! We would love to get together!


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  1. Hi guys, came across your blog and thought wow two adults and six kids FT in an RV. Saints or idiots? That was the first question that came into my mind and you are saints and I envy the time you get to spend with your kids. It will pay huge dividends in the years to come.

    Back in the late 70’s we were living on the beach in SoCal, had three boys and a 30′ sailboat. Our plan at that time was to buy a 40 foot ketch and sail around the world. I wanted to liveaboard with the family and do short coastal cruises to make sure all was well with the boat and our skills were up to the challenge. From San Diego to Oregon we could not find a marina that would allow us to liveaboard with the kids so that dream slowly faded.

    Next on the dream train was a ranch. So we sold everything, moved to Montana, bought a 160 acre ranch and started growing alfalfa and raising cattle. We all worked hard, especially the boys. And this is the dividends that I was talking about. All of our boys have grown into honorable men, men who love their wives and children, work hard, don’t rely on the government and respect others. No problem with drugs, alcohol, unwanted pregnancies or other behavioral issues associated with teenage males. We have been blessed and you will see that same payoff. Keep them busy and tired and tell them you love them every chance you get.

    Sorry for that rabbit trail but the reason I am writing you is to warn you that your YouTube channel could disappear without warning. All of your work, your videos and all your subscribers could go bye bye. It happened to me. The reason is copyright infringement. You have used a Tim McGraw song that I would bet you do not have the rights to use.

    Here is what happened to me. I did a video at a senior center and videoed the folks dancing about in their Halloween costumes. In the background there was music playing, I did not direct this music and had no control over it, it was just there in the background of my audio. Without warning YouTube notified me that they have suspended my channel due to copyright issues. There was a link that I could follow and appeal, which I did several times and never received a reply. The channel is gone.

    So maybe YouTube has changed their policies but I don’t think so. There is plenty of stock music that you can use and a lot of free stuff, of course it’s not Tim McGraw but you won’t have to worry about your channel.

    Best of luck to you and hug those kiddoes.

    • Hi Michael thank you so much for this great information! YouTube has emailed me just to let me know that I am allowed to use the videos, I just can not monetize any video. Any monetization will go straight to the source who created the music. The emails have stated I do not have to remove the songs unless I am against allowing the artists to take credit for any money that could come from having the channel. Since I am not creating videos to make money, I do it because I enjoy sharing our adventure, I told them I was okay with however they needed to “OKAY” it. Thank you so much though for letting me know this because that would be quite sad it I lost my channel and subscribers!! Thank you for sharing your story with us, A ranch in Montana sounds amazing! We have always talked about the possibilities of living in Montana and we can not wait to explore it!

  2. Thank you so much for letting us tag along on your journey! God just keeps blessing you with the beauty of our country. Enjoy the ride!

  3. My wife and I are enjoying “tagging along” on your trip. I see your dad is from Wisconsin (where?) as we are too. My guess is you will be coming through our state to visit. It would be great to have you stay if you need a place for FREE! We camp a lot in the northern part of the state and do an annual trip to Lake Superior in August where the sights are amazing. Hope to connect with you all in the future.

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