RV road trip to Alaska anyone?

My husband Ricky would LOVE to not just go visit Alaska, he would love to live there! My oldest son Kaleb and Ricky have the best time talking about how neat it would be to live in Alaska. They could watch those Alaskan shows for hours straight! Knowing it’s the last frontier really intrigues them. Dreaming of finding gold, eating crab every night and exploring thousands of acres of undeveloped land makes their hearts excited! We love seeing how it is still common to find people using the bartering system. I wish we still did that more here in the lower states! We are a pretty adventurous family, therefore I could easily see us there if that’s where we felt called to live! Visiting Alaska is definitely on our list and we have already done a lot of research on the places we want to see there. It will most likely not be till next Spring when we get the chance to go that far north. We will be sure to let you know though! Maybe your family wants to go with us! How cool would that be for several of us families to travel up there together!? I feel an Alaskan RV road trip in the making! 🙂


3 thoughts on “RV road trip to Alaska anyone?

  1. Definitely Plan to go to Alaska in the summer. The TV shows don’t show the bad side of winter. And the further north you go the colder (in the minus degrees & being from Florida, it’ll feel even colder! ) & snowy it is in winter. Let us know if Alaska will be put in your trip. I’ll let you know at that time some super places to go.

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