Our Rv life begins, we are on the road!

Wow, I can not believe we are finally on the road!! Our hearts were very sad as we hugged and said good bye to our family. Lots of tears fell. Lyla had the hardest time leaving her Nana. Yes we cried sad tears but we also cried tears of Joy! We had been talking, planning and dreaming of this adventure and now it was finally happening! The day was now here and we were pulling out to begin the RV adventure of a lifetime!

Goodbye hugs!
Lyla had a hard time saying her goodbyes tonight πŸ™
Daddy helping calm Lyla's heart.
Daddy helping calm Lyla’s heart.
The kids were smiling again and ready to go!
The kids were smiling again and ready to go!

I had never had the opportunity to ride inside the RV yet. Therefore I was extra excited about sitting in the passenger seat and taking in the panaramic view from the HUGE windows. My husband on the other hand, had driven several times prior but never with our vehicle in tow. The comments that were coming from his mouth were making me laugh so hard!

Here are a few conversations between us from our first 15 minutes on the road.

At first we were going up a hill and he said I think we are about to go backward any moment! (It feels like we are going so slow at times!) Then we finally get to the top and he says we are picking up good speed now baby! I looked over and said honey we are only going 30mph! Haha.

A few minutes later he says I’m just not sure if I am hugging the dotted line or if I am hugging the side line, I just really have not found my placement on the road yet. I say to him, this is going to be so much fun driving this, I just keep cracking up. He replies back to me, maybe fun for YOU but I am a nervous wreck every time a semi passes us! I feel the wind is going to throw our RV right across that field! lol

Then Ricky said is my door opening? Wait, yes my door is opening! Oh my goodness I am falling out. (He was exaggerating bc he knew I was like WHAT?! What do you mean your door just opened!? P.s. He was perfectly fine he simply forgot to shut it. He entered a different way before taking off!

Then we needed to get gas and found a place to pull into. Let me tell you what, pulling into the gas station was easy! Pulling up next to the gas pump…..that was a different story. Keep in mind we are 34 feet long plus have our tow vehicle behind us, so we are basically a train. This is also our very first time doing this. We must of circled those poor pumps several times, with Ricky getting out and back in, Β before we were positioned just right! Either we were blocking traffic ahead us, behind us or the hose wouldn’t reach our tank! I should of been outside helping direct but I was enjoying the show just way too much! πŸ™‚

Big kids are having fun!
Big kids are having fun!

Our time at the gas station ended great. We had the sweetest couple recognize our family from the news and approach us. They prayed with us and encouraged our hearts! We left that gas station filled with more than just gas in our RV. We were filled up, yet again, with God’s abundant Love!! Thank you to that sweet couple who took time to love on our family!

Getting gas for the first time!
Getting gas for the first time!

I can not wait to arrive at our very first destination where we get to stay FREE on Water Management Land. The location I picked out looked beautiful from the pictures but those can always be deceiving…..so yes we are a little nervous but hey its part of the adventure!! I will post pictures and update about everything tomorrow! Good night sweet friends!

Our crazy, fun, and beautiful RV life has begun!
Our crazy, fun and beautiful RV life has begun!


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  1. OMG – I was so with you on all of that. My husband an I have been traveling part-time since 2009. I know how hard it is for me to leave our Grandkids, how scary it feels passing semi’s and vice versa. Getting into gas stations, scoping them out first and sometimes having a hard time getting back out. Where some say RV ‘ S but they don’t accommodate a 34 ft pulling a 17 ft trailer. Climbing very steep inclines with everyone passing you like yr not moving and going back down realizing you had been holding your breath the entire time. We love the people we meet and we just keep enjoying the adventure. Maybe we’ll see you on the road. Happy trails

  2. Good luck on you fab trip. I can’t wait for your next post. Where was your first stop as you didn’t mention. Safe trip

  3. Always plan your exit before entering a gas station. Do not worry about blocking traffic, you will never see those people again. Both of you should be able to drive the RV in case of the mergency, or fatigue. Set up a ” leaving ceremony”. That is check everything before leaving, secure everything. A toaster flying at 50 mph will hurt someone pretty bad.

    Enjoy every moment.

  4. When You folks get to Iowa we would love to host you. Even though our part of the state does not have lots of scenic byways we are rich with corn, beans, and animals. One can not deny the existence of our creator during the summer months when you can see smell and feel the crops. We are rich with family tradition. We homeschool too. We would be happy to allow free camping in the middle of a corn field. Believe me it has been done before. πŸ™‚ We would provide you with some of the best home cooked meals and fresh pie. Please don’t hesitate to look us up. We are in Rock Rapids, Iowa.

  5. I so excited to follow you guys on your journey. i can’t wait for our own to begin (hopefully in the next few months)! Maybe we will see you out there somewhere. πŸ˜‰ Have a blast and enjoy every moment you have!!

  6. I am so excited and happy for you all! I feel like i’m with you! Some folks might send critical messages. And maybe some are, or maybe they are just helpful hints to guide you safely during your awesome adventure! God bless you all! Be safe and enjoy! Sandy

  7. Dearest Fay Family…. You don’t know me..but you did meet my daughter, grand kids and son-in-law. Brian, Joy, Lucy, Ramey and Liam…they are also joining the RV Ministry for the USA. Want to let you all know that I am praying for you and am so happy that your family is following God’s Command. It is going to be amazing to watch what HE will do!! My name is Melody Dooley, I am a missionary in Chile, South America,so it’s so exciting to see what the missionaries of your generation are doing. May HE fill you all up to over-flowing as you obey HIM. My life is in HIS hands, Melody Dooley

  8. Our family hit the road 6 months ago. You’re going to love it. I related to everything about this post. I texted a friend on the first day out, “Pray, we may die.” We drive a 15 pass van and pull a 31 foot trailer….named the caboose. It was loaded a bit odd and there were several times we were pulled into semis or Michael was struggling to control the wheel. We got to the first campground – no wifi or cell. Two days later – frantic text from friend – “Are you still alive? Still praying.” Learned a couple of things from those first days out 1. our faith is growing, 2. we are sure to text which days are long travel days and find a way to let all know we’ve arrived at new locations. ::grin::

  9. Hi Krista,
    I lived in Leesburg for years and knew your mom and dad. I have 7 children, the youngest may be a little older than you. I also homeschooled and taught in private Christian schools. My husband and I are living in Huntsville, Alabama, so if you are in Alabama, let us know!!
    May God bless you richly and your family. We’ll be watching your journey!!

  10. Safe travels for you and your awesome family! I so envy you guys! RV’ing always was appealing to me. Seems super exciting. I will follow you, and you all are in my prayers!

    Enjoy and be blessed!!!
    Your sister in Christ, Gwendolyn

  11. Please keep your blog going, I truly enjoy reading about your adventure. I give you so much credit for your commitment to enjoying and seeing this great country and all the history behind it. Your children will learn and experience so many new things. May God bless you all and keep you safe in your travels.

  12. Please find a way to keep in touch on a daily basis so I know everything is OK. The advice to have a checklist before you leave any location is a good idea. I don’t want any of my grand kids left behind!

  13. It will be a great adventure, the memories and experiences you are going to have will last a lifetime. Make it the best, safe travels.

  14. Hope all is going well with y’all. Things may get tough sometimes but keep up the spirit and keep pushing forward. Praying for y’all. Keep posting.

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