How we organized our tiny spaces: the bedroom and bathroom

bedroom beforeThis is what the back wall of our master bedroom looked like when we first bought it. Inside the sliding door were several bars to hang clothes and inside to the left were 4 shelves. First of all, we are going to be living a adventurous life outdoors. I did not need a bunch of space to hang nice clothing, I needed a practical way to throw everyone’s clothes into and be done with it each day! Plus the shelves that were inside the closet were very difficult to get into since anything that was put into the closet would now be in the way of accessing the inside shelves.
bedroom before 2Okay so the first thing we did was we removed the sliding doors and purchased a plastic black shelving system. Then I bought the most amazing things ever invented, fabric bins! Where do we put everyone’s clothes? They go in the cubicles of course! Every child has their own bin that contains their pants and their shirts. (6 bins) The girls and boys both share a bin with their underwear and socks. (2 bins) My husband and I both also have a bin for our underwear and pajamas. (2 bins) We have a large laundry basket as you see in the picture below to the left, that contains ALL the kid’s pajamas together. It makes it easy because we do not fold them, we just throw them all in there and grab them out each night! Then my husband and I each have 2 more bins, one for our bottoms and one for our tops. (4 more bins) We bought two 3 cubicle bookshelves that we laid sideways for added storage!




bedroom afterAs you can see in this picture we removed the paneling, inserted a shelf and now have great space for hanging all our winter jackets! Plus this is where we store our laundry basket which contains all the kids pajamas! Now if you look to the right, we removed the TV and the 3 drawers, put in shelves and now have an amazing pantry! We really needed this because the RV only came with a small sliding pantry next to the refrigerator. Yes, some may think it is weird to have our food inside our bedroom, but hey we love it because we now have easy access getting our bedtime snacks! 😉




 Now that we have removed the TV that came standard with the RV, we moved our home TV into the RV to use instead. We bought another 3 cubicle bookshelf which we turned sideways to make our TV stand taller so it is easy to view from the bed. Now we also have 3 more cubicles to put our fabric bins in! This means more storage space! Every time we do a renovation we try to think of how we can buy or build something that will also double as storage! Our family loves to play games, so we have a bin that holds all of them. Home school textbooks and notebooks all go inside a bin as well. We keep diapers, wipes, powders and cream also in a bin. This totals 17 bins that have specific items inside of them. We have 21 cubicle bins total in our shelving units (12 in our open closet and 9 under our tv), so that leaves us 4 empty ones still to be used if and when needed!! Wow I am amazed myself! I really REALLY recommend investing in these bins because they make the area look nice and tidy, organized and very functional.


tv stand 2A view from this side of the room shows where we keep our laundry basket and also where I hang my scarves and jewelry. My sister in law brought this hanging clip system back from Japan and it is perfect for helping me organize in a small space! I have hung some artwork on the wall using double sided tape.






accessory holderCloser picture of this really neat hanging clip rack. This is the neatest invention! I have attached a similar product since the one I have came from Japan!








bedroom headboard This is a view of our bed. I purchased two narrow woven baskets at Walmart that fit perfectly next to the bed for Ricky and I to store things in. We also hung a $5 mirror from Walmart since we removed those sliding doors from the closet. Our bed lifts up and underneath is where we store the kids blankets and pillows during the day!







bathroomThis is the inside of our bathroom. I LOVE having all the mirrors because it makes the small space look much bigger and brighter! Another amazing invention is the toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser that hangs on the bathroom wall. No more gross toothpaste all over the counters and the kids toothbrushes stay up and out of the way. I wish we would of had these in our home!




showerThis is our exiting shower! I am using another one of those clip hanging systems to hang our towels. It is working well at drying them each night. This is such a cool invention, I have attached a picture of something similar, since the one I have came from Japan!



This pretty much wraps up the bedroom and bathroom for now. I would love to hear about what you love when it comes to organizing your bathroom and bedroom!


6 thoughts on “How we organized our tiny spaces: the bedroom and bathroom

  1. You can save space by rolling your clothing up tight. You can almost double the capacity of clothes storage that way and sleeves and leggings don’t get tangled up with other clothes.

  2. For our trailer we got some space saver bags for bulky items such as blankets. We then use a vaccum to suck out the air and the bags collapse down taking up substantially less space.

  3. Ingenious use of space, but please don’t block your bedroom’s emergency exit. Sadly, RV fires do occur (wiring shorts, faulty refrigeration units, cooking fires). A rig will burn incredibly fast, as in you will have seconds to exit, not minutes. You can do mini-fire drills for the kiddos just like you do in a stick and brick (a future blog post, maybe?) Many RVers keep several fire extinguishers on board, to include one in the bedroom (it can buy you needed seconds). Lastly, check recall notices to ensure your RV refrigerator is up to date on safety mods. You are traveling with the most precious cargo of all.
    We are fellow RVers who delight in seeing more and more families on the road (though please no running thru people’s campsites.) You are giving your children an incredible gift. We wish you joyful, rewarding, and safe travels.

  4. This is VERY helpful to see. I was getting ready to sell my cube shelves. Maybe I will rethink that. I do have a ton of those fabric bins and they seem to be a good idea so that things don’t go flying while the RV is in motion.

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