Map of our RV travel destinations

Map of our RV travel destinations        past, present and future!

I finally created a map that shows all the main places we plan to go this year! Most red pins are our top destination picks and a few pins show where we will be visiting family.  The blue line shows our route to date! We hope this helps show where are travels will take us. We are not sure of the exact route and timing of everything yet. Message me if your family’s travels will be near ours or if you are stationed near where we will be headed! We love meeting and making new friends. Thank you to all the people who have already invited us to their homes or have messaged about getting together on the road! We truly look forward to it 🙂 If you want more information on some of the destinations we are planning to visit, click on this blog posting

map 3.6.16



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  1. You should put walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and Field of Deams in Dryers, Iowa. watch the movie first. I ballfield is still their in the cornfiled and open to the public.

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