Never thought I would want to live HERE!

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I could live here forever! This is definitely a place where we could live a SIMPLE and beautiful life. Wow, I know I may keep saying this but this is by far the nicest park and area I have ever camped at! I have never been to Missouri and have never thought much of it. Now, we are thinking this may be the place we end up buying land and moving to! Roaring River State Park in Cassville, MO is absolutely perfect for families. Three of the nicest people immediately made our family feel welcomed and right at home! Our sweet campground host came right out with warm greetings. The park ranger Steve went out of his way the whole time we were there making sure we had everything we needed. He took time to give us lots of resources and helpful information. He was so kind to us! The other extremely nice guy was the manager of Natural Resources for this area, named Kerry Hays.  He and his wife Heather, spotted our family along the river the first day we were out exploring. They had seen our RV at the state park and were very impressed with the solar panel system. Mr. Hays gave us all the inside scoop of this state park. He was filled with a lot of knowledge! We felt honored that they took the time they did to show us such kindness! He even said he would open up the nature center for our family even though it was still closed for the season!

Ricky and Mr. Hays
Ricky and Mr. Hays

You better believe our family got right to exploring this campground! There was a dry creek that ran behind the campsites on one side of the campground. We had the best time looking at all the rocks that had once been covered with water for so many years. We were able to teach the kids many “lessons” just exploring this area. Everything the kids are learning by being outside in nature will last way longer in their minds than the lessons learned from a school book! We thought we had explored the best of the area until we continued under the bridge and started seeing the Roaring River on the other side. Oh my goodness was this river beautiful! There were several little waterfalls going up the river. The river water was so clear we could see all the rainbow trout swimming against the current! It made us feel we could reach in and grab them with our bare hands! Mr. Hays and his wife Heather walked with us down to Roaring River Hatchery which produces and stocks more than 250,000 rainbow trout each year! What an experience that was!! We have never seen so many rainbow trout in all our lives!! Mr. Hays told us where to walk in order to see a bunch of snakes all wrapped up together on a bush! The kids thought it was the coolest thing. I was completely grossed out and not as into it! We had the best time looking at cave formations, wading in the river, watching the trout swim about, skipping rocks, riding bikes and cooking meals over the fire at the base of the mountain. There were also 2 great playgrounds for the kids to play on. Picnic tables and pavilions were spread out everywhere with grills ready to be fired up! Amazing trails lined the sides of the mountains. It was neat watching the hikers walk these trails because it looked like they would fall right off the side! This area was spectacular in every way! Everywhere we turned we were making friends!! It made us very sad to leave because of the great experience we had. It felt sort of like home being here. We will definitely put this city on the list as a potential area to purchase property to build our future home one day!

Side note-Wherever we end up buying land, it has to be next to a river or lake! The kids had the best time wading in the water and simply throwing rocks in. They could of stayed near the river’s edge all day and night if we had let them. Life was so easy here, so SIMPLE! We took our time, we relaxed and we made lots of super awesome memories!

Learning from their daddy :)
Learning from their daddy 🙂





Where is Kanyon?
Where is Kanyon?


Look at them snakes!
Look at them snakes!
Why hello fish!
Why hello trout!






Sweetest babies I have ever seen!! :)
Sweetest babies I have ever seen!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Never thought I would want to live HERE!

  1. Trout season opens March 1st there. That’s a sight to see. People even close their businesses to go. I live in the area if you need help or destination ideas! Safe travels!!!

  2. I grew up in the Missouri Ozarks and I have to agree with you that Missouri is a really wonderful place to grow up! I now live in Florida (not far from Leesburg!) and I hope to one day be able to move back to my beautiful Show Me state!!

  3. Great to meet your family at the catfish place in Cassville! We remarked on how well behaved your children are, and they are all cuties. Hope you settle here after all your travels. We are just up the road in Joplin. You can follow our Facebook page, JunkDrunk Rustorations.

  4. Beautiful Family , I will enjoy reading your travels, If we was younger and not the health issues would love this lifestyle, waited to long ,so will enjoy through y’all ! God Bless and stay safe ! Ever in TN Welcome to our home in Sevierville! ! Linda Otto

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