How long can we go without hook ups??

We have set up our RV with solar panels so we could be off the electric grid. We do not need to plug in to receive electricty. This allows us to stay anywhere we want in America where RV camping is allowed. Our panels provide excellent power, day and night! We have not had to even think about our usage due to the panels putting out that much power. The freedom of being able to camp anywhere is an amazing feeling! We can stay in the most remote, beautiful places rather than crowded RV parks. We chose this life to be able to truly enjoy the great outdoors. We wanted to be able to look out our windows to see gorgeous surroundings everyday. Now, we do have to empty our black and grey water tanks and refill up with water. So far we are able to go a week before having to dump our tanks. This is great! We really do not need it to go that long because we are moving from one location to another after a staying a few days. Therefore we could easily dump our tanks while heading to our next destination if we wanted too. Our water has been lasting about a week as well. We are verybconservative with it though. We take what you would call a military shower. We get in, we spray down our bodies, turn off water, lather up bodies and hair, turn on water and quickly rinse off! I can not even wrap my mind around how much water we have always wasted taking showers back at home. I would just stand and enjoy the warm water forever! Now we have no clue as to what it is to enjoy a hot steamy shower because there isn’t enough time for it to even steam! 😉 The kids are already pros at taking these quick showers. We now view showers as simply going in to clean and get right out. It is no longer a fun and playful experience. We all agreed, who cares if we can not take enjoyable long showers anymore because all the bonuses to this life far outweigh it! We also only take showers every other night now to conserve water. I am also learning how to wash dishes in a more conservative way as well. We do save the initial water from when we turn the shower on, waiting for it to get warm, to wash dishes with! Any other tips on conserving water are greatly appreciated! We use propane to heat up the RV when needed and it also runs our stove and fridge. We have to refill the propane tank about every 3 weeks when using it every night to warm RV. For now, we are thankful it has not been too cold and we do not have to use it as often. Well I think that is everything on how long we can go before needing to fill up or dump out. I will be sharing the expenses of dumping and propane costs once we have a months worth to show. I will post a blog of ALL our months expenses together for you to see exactly what it costs to live this way. Gas costs, groceries, propane, dumping etc! We are also working on a youtube video explaining in more detail about our solar system! Stay tuned 🙂

Not having to hook up anywhere is amazing!

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  1. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. You and your family are having the time of your lives, enjoy it. Have fun and keep the pictures coming.

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