How do we organize clothes for 8 people?

This is a question we get asked A LOT. How in the world can we store clothes for 8 people in such a small space? Well, it starts with getting rid of most of the clothes your family has. Yes, I know its hard to let go, but you just have to! I would find myself thinking but what if we need this, or what if we go here and need that outfit, or what if he/she misses this shirt….But then I remembered that this is part of our new SIMPLE life. We are going to be going on some many adventures and having so much fun, that no one is going to ever be worried or thinking about their clothing! No one is going to want to waste time sorting and going through an abundance of clothes. We are going to want to be able to easily find what we need and not be overwhelmed by clothes everywhere. Therefore I limited each of us to about a weeks worth of clothing. I am only focused on the current season we are in. I do not have the space or brain energy to think about the next season. We try to shop only at thrift stores so when the season has clearly changed, we will go and switch out our wardrobe for little cost.

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I wish I had gone through and minimized everyone’s wardrobes back when we lived at our old home. We are no longer drowning in clothes which is such a good feeling. Getting everyone changed everyday is now simple! My kids can easily find and pick out their clothes. When its time to put away laundry, it only takes little time because we simply fold the clothing on our bed. Then we put them right into their bin. All the bins are in the same room which makes it so much easier putting laundry away. I am no longer running to a zillion different rooms anymore. I.LOVE.IT!! Plus since we know we only have so many clothes, it helps me keep up with doing laundry on a more regular basis, keeping the clothing to a manageable amount. Before, I would wait so long to do laundry that when I finally would, it was a very scary and overwhelming site. Mt. McKinley would be staring at me from my old laundry room. Its weird to think I actually do not mind laundry anymore….so for those of you who are not on the road yet….don’t stress about it. As long as you simplify all the clothing, it will be just fine!

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If you are already on the road and you are feeling overwhelmed with clothing, just grab a garbage bag and do the best you can to get rid of as much as you can. I promise you, it really is a GREAT feeling to have less to deal with. Plus, who does not want to wear their favorite few outfits all the time!? (I mean don’t we always tend to choose the same pieces of clothing anyways?) I feel its a win-win situation everyway around. As you see here, we use those soft fabric bins from Walmart. They cost about $5 per bin. They are one of my favorite items purchased for our RV life. Each child only gets ONE bin for their tops/bottoms. Then the boys and girls each share a bin with their underwear and socks. We have a laundry basket where we throw everyone’s pajamas into together. Since my husband and I have a little bit bigger clothing, we each have 2 bins for our clothing. Then we hang all our jackets/coats in the closet. We do not hang anything else because we are living life on the road, we do not need “nice” hanging clothes to wear anymore. We just want to be comfortable for our daily adventures! I would highly recommend making room and renovating your bedroom to accommodate these fabric bins. We bought three of those 3 bin shelving units from Walmart for the end of our bed, and a 4 shelf plastic unit from Lowes to go in our old closet. We have found it extremely practical setting up our room this way for our clothing. It keeps everything looking nice and organized even if it is scary looking on the inside! 🙂 Plus, there are so many pretty and fun patterns out now to choose from. One month on the road and I would not change a thing!

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6 thoughts on “How do we organize clothes for 8 people?

  1. I need to do this! Family of 9 and the laundry gets overwhelming. We aren’t on the road and have plenty of room in the house for it, but I don’t have room for the stress in my life!

  2. Looks wonderful! We are a family of 9 and have been in our rv for 10 months now. I find it amazing how our needs have continually changed over the months. First of all, we need way less clothes than we initially thought we would! 😊 We have also been shifting where those clothes are stored. I love your choice for a family closet, especially, with such a young family. I remember doing something similar to this in our sticks n’bricks for our children when they were little. It definitely keeps them from continually changing outfits throughout the day! 😊 Now our oldest three are teenagers and we are going to be converting our master bedroom closet to a mini bunk room for our two youngest children who need an earlier bedtime than their older siblings. Thank you for your post. I love to see what works for others.

  3. I dont know if anyone else has had this issue but we have been on / off the road for 7 years. I used cloth bins in the closet for t-shirts, shorts, jeans, etc. But with changes in temps and traveling in and out of different climates we found mold on the backs of the bins and the walls of our closet. We washed down the closet and aired it out good. I switched to plastic holed baskets and also hung DAMP RID CLOSET BAGS in the back.

  4. I struggle with this a lot. We have been full-timing for over a year but our stationary in Washington State so rain most of the time. I constantly go through my 4 kids drawer and closet and purge. I need to do it again before Summer. The bins do work for my kids shoes they each have a cloth bin. Whatever fits is what they can have. It is hard to get down to a week’s worth. I always have in the back of my mind they may need it. I find though they tend to wear their favorites just like you said!

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