Day in the Life of an RV family vid 2

Hello! I wanted to take some video of our roadtrip from Colorado Springs, CO to Grand Junciton, CO. We were only suppose to be on the road about 5 hours but with some unexpected RV issues coming up, our trip took more like 9 hours! It was a tough day being that it was so long and the kids were DONE being in the RV. I think Ricky may have ear muffs to grown out the noise by the next time we hit the road, shoot maybe I will too! Why don’t they make RVs with that glass window that when we push a button, it slides up and we no longer hear what is going on in the back? 😉 We just had to manage the best we could with the problems that were arising. We know that there will sometimes be harder days when it comes to RVing and that is simply called life. You have to take the good days with the bad! 🙂 Thankfully we were able to make it to the Walmart in Grand Junction and spent the night in their parking lot.  Staying overnight at a Walmart is great because we not only get to stay for free but we also just a few steps to get any supplies or groceries we may need! Today is Ricky’s 36 birthday!! We can not wait to celebrate him and shower him with lots of love! We are going to go explore Colorado National Monument with another sweet RV family . While we are out enjoying this city, we will have our RV looked at to see what is wrong and get the issues fixed! Then in a day or two we will be heading west towards Southern Utah to explore all the national parks there. Arches National Park will be the first one we visit, we can not wait!! I will continue to post more Day in the Life of videos all throughout our adventure, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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  1. So I have some questions about carseats and RVs! I’ve thought of buying a used RV for my family to take trips (7 kids). We are planning a trip from UT to VA and back next year and I thought an RV would make the most sense for the trip because we want to get the drive done as fast as possible (unfortunately don’t have the pto available for a long scenic drive and it’s during my kids’ school year and I don’t want them missing too much), and that way we wouldn’t have to stop for potty breaks or food and my husband and I could take turns sleeping.

    So, anyway…what are the “rules” for carseats in RVs? I know when I was a kid we never worried about that in my family’s old Winnebago. But now as a mom I’m kind of a carseat nut, my kids are always buckled up correctly, my oldest is 11 and still needs a booster because of his size. But obviously most RVs don’t have the seatbelts needed for that many people/carseats.

    Also, where do you store the carseats when you’re not using them since they are so bulky? I know space is a precious commodity with so many people in such a small area lol.

    • Hi Kara! I would LOVE to talk on the phone sometime and answer any questions you have! Sometimes it’s easy to chat that way. Email me if you would like at and I will give you myphone number. I hope you guys are able to buy an RV and get that fun family time together!! You will not regret it. Hope to talk to you soon!

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