Rolling down hills at Corney Lake


Corney Lake campground was another great FREE camping area in north Louisiana. Since we did not arrive till 7pm, it was already dark and we did not realize we turned the wrong way entering the campground. We thought we were in the right area when we parked and set up camp! We were thinking wow this is AMAZING. The next day after speaking with a local, they mentioned something about the “camping area” on the other side of the recreation area. We laughed and said we thought we were in the camping area! They said we did not have to move due to it not being a busy area. We were thankful to hear that because we did not want to move from our LAKEFRONT campsite! We seriously could not have had a better location. The lake was absolutely beautiful. The dock was right outside our backdoor. There was another huge dock on the other side of the property which was also perfect for our family to relax on and fish off of. We love fishing and this campground allowed for plenty of it. We also enjoyed watching the local fishermen come and go out of the lake with their boats. That next afternoon we decided to take off on a family bike ride and check out the “camping area” on the other side. It was very nice, secluded and well kept as well. There was only one couple that was camping. We rode our bikes all the way to the dam we had seen across the lake. I overcame a huge fear I have of heights and walked across it with my family! We had the best time exploring and roaming all over the many acres this campground offered. On the way back to our campsite, the kids had the best time running and rolling down the hills. I remembered always doing that as a kid and enjoyed watching them now do it. We definitely were checking for ticks that night!













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    • Hi dad! We miss you guys! Sorry we have not had any cell service in a week! Hoping to get some service in Oklahoma….but doubt it! If we do, we will call you! Love you guys!

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