Camping with 6 kids near Zion

If you plan on visiting Zion National Park, we have found the PERFECT spot for you to camp with your family! It is FREE, it is located alongside a beautiful flowing creek, on the best piece of property and it is extremely peaceful! We probably would not have found this free spot had we not asked a local, therefore always make sure to ask around!

These kids of ours are made to camp. They truly love every aspect of it. Our boys love being able to run around and pee wherever they want to in these remote places. The girls probably do to, they don’t say and we don’t ask….;) I think I am starting to get use to the kids new “camping smell” and I am definitely over caring about how dirty their clothes/shoes get! All the dirt, smoke and grime comes with camp life. There is no way to prevent it and if we want to have as much fun as possible, we just have to go with it.

While there, the kids made all the campfires for us to cook our meals over. We had the best time mining for gold along the river even though we did not find any! The kids climbed every tree they could find and dug in the dirt for hours. We played lots of Rummikub at night which is our new favorite game by the way! The few days we stayed there were simply not enough but we have more awesome things on our list to see! We know we will be back there eventually, maybe next time with your family!

We had so much fun hiking around Zion National Park the 2nd day we were there. I cant wait to post our video of our time exploring. I will also share useful tips about the park and area to hopefully make your time there easier and a lot more fun! If this place isn’t on your list to visit yet, it definitely should be! I also wrote a separate blog giving details on this FREE camping location along with pictures.

My husband and I sit in bed every night, very thankful that we made the drastic choices we did to get here. We have zero regrets except that we should of done this a whole lot sooner. This simple life we are living, is the best thing we have ever done for our family. We simply are having the time of our lives. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Camping with 6 kids near Zion

  1. Krista, you guys are amazing! It looks like the RV life is treating you all well, everyone looks great! God just keeps on blessing you with all of the beautiful sites. Only God could create such beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Love the posts, love the video, keep um coming!

  2. Hey Fay Family! Don’t you just love Zion – I didn’t want to leave. You are so close to another beautiful national park. Do you have plans to stop by Bryce Canyon. Check out what happened to us in April at Bryce Canyon National Park –

    My husband and I agree – traveling in an RV was the hardest but one of the best decisions that we have ever made for our family! Traveling Mercies Fay Family!

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