A little bit more info about our family

Below is another fantastic article written about our family! What a honor for us to continue to share our story around the United States!

We LOVE having opportunities to share our family’s story with others. By us sharing our story, we are able to encourage other families all around the world. Families are being inspired to simplify their lives and reconnect as a family. If we can slow down, live on less money, have less things, live in a tiny “home”, being a family of 8, then I believe anyone can! It is all about being CONTENT with what you have. We would rather spend our money on experiences instead of a mortgage and endless bills.  We would rather spend our time, creating memories with one another! We do not want to exit this life with any regrets…..and I firmly believe we will never regret all the time we spent together as a family. To find out a little more about our family, click on the link below!

California News Article about our family RVing

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Thank you Lewis Griswold for writing this amazing article about our family!!

2 thoughts on “A little bit more info about our family

  1. My wife and I have done the same thing you two have done. We moved out of a 4 bedroom house into a 32′ coach and sold everything we could and gave the rest to charity. Simplify, simplify, simplify has been our motto and it feels good and bad at the same time. Depressing to see your ‘things’ disappear into the hands of strangers, but strangely relieving at the same time. We are an older couple [I’m 74, my wife’s 69] and this has been kind of a dream of ours. We both love to travel and see different places and people. This will be very interesting…we bought the RV last month. I’m looking forward to your stories. Please keep us informed.
    If you go to my blogspot, you’ll see that I’m a liberal. I hope that isn’t a deal breaker. I promise not to try to indoctrinate y’all. 🙂

  2. Hello friend, cant wait to get stared on our journey, we are trying to sale home so we can go fultiming my husband is 56 and i am 52 we will be traveling sometimes with our two grand kids 10 and 5, cant wait to be able to enjoy what the world has to offer in history and just learning all together. I am a little scared of selling home along with give or selling all our stuff and taking the leap but i cant wait till we do it either. So in closing i hope we meet soon and i hope we enjoy it as much as your family……

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