10 things I love about living in an RV

1. I love having only 300 Sq feet to clean each day. (Praise the LORD!!)

2. I love not having to take care of a yard anymore. (Seriously, we have wasted so many grueling hours of our life trying to maintain our yard, but not anymore!!)

3. I love the views outside our bedroom window! ( Why HELLO there beautiful lake, ocean, river, mountain, forest, you name it, we try to only park where it is amazing!)

4. I love it that if my child has to tell me something from their “room”, I do not need to get out of bed to find out what it is. (We are only feet away, just tell me!)

5. I love it that now we have to conserve water, we can not do bathtime every night! (Yay, bathtime is exhausting anyways!)

6. I love being able to move our HOME from one amazing place to another! (Bored? Okay honey let’s just MOVE!!)

7. I love being able to use the bathroom while driving down the road! (I no longer cringe when I hear someone say MOM!! I need to use the bathroom!!)

8. I love only having to unload the groceries ONE time since I can push the cart all the way to the RV! (Yes people keep on staring, I am pushing this buggy home!;))

9. I love being able to EASILY visit friends and family. (No more need for anyone to have a panic attack at the thought of 8 of us coming into your house! Don’t worry we brought our own home with us, it is parked out front :))

10. I love it that we had to simplify and get rid of all the junk in order to fit in an RV. Life is far more manageable now, having SO MUCH LESS to deal with (Hallelujah!!)

Bonus- I LOVE how sexy my husband looks driving this thing down the road.

Okay, another Bonus!- How could I possibly forget that one of our all time favorite parts of living in an RV is no longer having to have an electric bill!! My husband just read this post and reminded me!! We have the most amazing solar panel system and we never have to worry about power. 🙂 http://www.simplelifefullhearts.com/solar-power-living-off-the-grid/how-to-solar-power-rv-home/

Of course the obvious thing I LOVE is all the time I now get to spend with my family! That should be a given! 😉

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We have 6 kids, we live a SIMPLE life and we are traveling America in our RV. 🙂

*Stay tuned for the 10 things I hate about living in an RV!

12 thoughts on “10 things I love about living in an RV

  1. This was so fun to read! I love how you write.
    Looking forward to seeing you ALL in July.
    Aunt Jenny

  2. Great post … I come from a family of six kids.. Years ago when we traveled from Florida to Ohio to visit grandparents, we were all in one car, so I can appreciate what you wrote..
    We had to stop often for bathroom breaks..

  3. We’re joining you next Monday!! Over 15 years of planning and praying… we retire… we hit the road in our 2006 Revolution. Can’t wait for all the blessings.

    Dave & Becky Cook
    My YouTube Channel…
    Here’s a starter: The Topical Memory System

  4. I can relate because hubbie and I lived in an RV …no kids though. We eventually bought a home and started filling it up again..I miss the freedom of having a little.

  5. Any solar panel tips? We have a 30 ft travel trailer and are in search of a solar panel. Not even sure where to start!

  6. You should check out the Australian family living full time in their bus (I think there are 11 of them) along with pets, they are just about to embark on a new adventure with camels towing their home 😊

  7. Hi! I’m just getting curious about living this way with my young family! I found your blog while browsing for RVS. Seriously, I wish we were friends. Are you in the Jacksonville area? Would love to get together and meet your family.

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