10 things I hate about living in an RV


  1. I hate it when we see all 5 red dots lit up, signaling to us that our tanks are FULL and need to be dumped! It always makes my heart sink a little. (Alright kids, we need to get another day of RVing in so from here on out we are using the bathroom outside (dig a hole, find a tree, go in the woods…), slip into a neighbors RV, run to the nearest gas station, however we can prolong this, we will! Oh and no more showers so baby wipes it is!)
  2. I hate saying goodbye to all the new and amazing friends we meet!! (Why can’t we just all get on the same schedule and just caravan together across this country?!)
  3. I hate it that they put CARPET under the kitchen table! (Seriously, who in the world thought this was a good idea?! I am always under the table trying to salvage the poor carpet after my kids eat a meal!)
  4. I hate it that they do not put a limo window in the front of the RV. My husband and I should be able to push a button and a beautiful window roll up, allowing us to still see the kids but not be able to hear them!! Bye-bye kids, talk to you later…(I keep wondering why no one has created this invention because it would make driving down the road with kids SO MUCH EASIER! Maybe I will just invent it, you would totally buy it right?! 😉 )
  5. I hate driving in the mountains, going up and down steep and winding roads. (We seriously have to pray over our RV and cheer her on as we struggle to make it to the top of each hill! We always get so excited when our RV makes it to the top without blowing up! Yes, we drive an older 1999 RV and I am sure the newer models do not struggle like ours does…..but I guess we will just consider it part of the adventure!)
  6. I hate the way they decorated the interior of the older RVs. (Could they not of chosen prettier fabric designs for the couches, kitchen cushions, wall paper and window valances?? I sit on Pinterest for hours looking at all the ways I could update and change the fabrics but then I sadly sigh and remember I am not a crafty person…….therefore I will just buy cute wall art and a few throw pillows and call it a day!)
  7. I hate it that there are not any drive-thrus that can accommodate an RV. (Sometimes we are just exhausted, lazy or not in the mood to make a long-drawn out stop. For us, if we stop and get out, 5 minutes always turns into at least 30 minutes…)
  8. I hate it that RVs do not come with a built in Nanny. (We have had several grandma’s email us saying they would LOVE to ride along to help us with the kids, cooking, cleaning etc…..and I guess they think I will just smile and not actually respond….but I am always like okay GREAT, where are you because we are on our way to pick you up RIGHT NOW. Seriously, I will give up my side of the bed if it meant having a Nanny with us. I am not sure if my husband would be okay with it but that’s alright. Sadly when I respond, I don’t hear from them again because I think they were just trying to be sweet….darn!)
  9. I hate not having a washer/dryer inside the RV. (We have 8 people and our clothes hamper fills up super fast!! It is very tempting to just throw away the clothes and buy new ones at the next thrift store we come to!)
  10. I hate how quickly the noise level can get SO STINKIN LOUD in just seconds due to the small space we are in! (I start thinking should I open the windows to disperse some of the noise but then I am afraid to scare the neighbors with all the crying/fighting/shouting….I think RV’s should all come with a tranquilizer dart gun, so if need be, we can simply put the wild child to sleep for a bit. Shoot, depending on the day, I may even put myself to sleep.;))

Finale-The thing I hate the most is the MPG that RVs get. (Why oh why do they only get like 2 Miles Per Gallon…..I know that’s an exaggeration but not by much! It is heartbreaking standing there at the pump, waiting what seems like FOREVER for the pump to stop as all your savings goes into the tank….which will only last for a few hours!)

Most of all I hate the sad feeling of missing all our family, friends and church we left behind now that we are out traveling the country. (Yet we are so thankful God has helped fill that void with such amazing NEW friends. We sure do love all our friends we have met since being on the road!)

Sorry, I know the word hate is a strong word but for this article is a follow up to my “10 things I love about living in an RV“. When you are done reading, please leave a comment letting me know what you hate about RV living! I can’t wait to read the comments!

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15 thoughts on “10 things I hate about living in an RV

  1. Loved this. I love how honest you are. Life isn’t always perfect and pretty so thank you for showing that. Love reading about your adventures!

  2. How about a cheap dollar store picnic table cover under your table. Tollot up and shake outside after meals eash to wope off too.

  3. A cheap shower curtain from the $ store under the table would allow food crumbs to turn loose and you could take it outside and shake it after meals then wipe off any “leftovers”. I hate limited counter space.

  4. I hate how low stress my life is on the road. At times I even have a hint of boredom! After raising 5 kids, I used to daydream about boredom…

  5. Tranquilizer Gun! LMAO! Right there with you Sister. But Honestly, my two wild child’s have been a bit more subdued than when we lived in S&B. They don’t have all the space to wrestle IN the house… outside they go!

  6. These all were great. I am so with you on so many 😉
    1. Yes. It always seems to be full at inconvenient times. We had a trip on spring break once 4G us – Flu outbreak – Oh so bad 🙁
    2. We travel for work – meet the nicest people and just getting to know them and time to move along.
    3. All the carpet I would love to see gone. Dog, husband, dirt, mud -yucky green ugly carpet. I am not handy- hubby is but he works 12-14 hr days so he has no time.
    5. I can’t count the times we have prayed to make it up another hill and the breaks don’t go out or engine blow up. You always think this is it – not going to make it. Find myself holding my breath and actually leaning forward with all my might like that will help in some way. LOL
    7. YES drive-thru would be awesome, more TV car washes too and decent truck stops / gas stations that actually have a big enough driveway to pull up to the gas tanks without us blocking the entire pathway and enduring the dirty looks from people trying to squeeze around us 🙁
    9. I have always wanted a washer/dryer – but no where to put one – we need all the storage we have. The over abundance of dirty clothes – how they multiply so fast and where to keep them till laundry day – always a stress of mine.

    Totally agree on the MPG – 6.5 – 7 is what we get. Seems we just get on the road and we are looking for the next gas station. Not just any gas station – as stated above. We definitely have gotten way to close to empty on many occasions trying to find one.
    Missing our family is a BIG ONE on our list. But grateful for the job, the freedom to see and experience this great land we live in and our health to be able to do it.
    Thank u for your posts. Love to read each new blog.

  7. Great list of things you hate in the RV! I hate when something doesn’t work once you stop at a campground for the night and something doesn’t work. You just left the house 5 hours earlier and you had checked and double checked everything at least twice and it all worked.

  8. The drive thru is a pain. That is why I hate going in, dirty, screaming kids, and music that makes me scream. My RV is my quiet, cool sanctuary. Good side is I have dropped 45lbs by not eating fast food for the last 2 years. I know you have a lot people but buy a Panda washer/spin dryer. They do have a larger one now. Weighs like 20lbs, takes about 10 minutes to wash and dry. The clothes come out damp, but hanging them up with a Davis 500 humidifier on the floor of a closed shower fully dries in about 1-2 hours. Stores just about anywhere. LG now has one that looks like a real unit that washes and dries but that is $1300. The old Panda is on Amazon for around $190 and the new one is about $260. BTW, if I could post a pic I will show you one I shot the otter day, 20.4mpg in my 2014 Winnebago Trend 23L on a Sprinter chassis. Mine is the Ram version burning gas not diesel.

  9. Enjoyed your post! So funny! Carpet I could not deal with. It is gone now replaced with a industrial venal planks. LOVE it!

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