Which fixer upper did we get?!

As many of you know, Ricky and I are very adventurous and we love to live life on the edge. If we have a dream or idea, we go for it! We only have one life to live, and we want to live it well, with no regrets. We are back in our RV full-time, with an agenda to travel and flip homes, as a family of 9. 🙂

                 Over the past few months, we have looked at a very long list of potential flip homes all around central Florida. We would sit in bed at night and “favorite” the ones we liked and then we would take family day trips out to look at them. We always made our trips fun for the family and got the kids involved in this house hunting process! This is going to be our FAMILY business, therefore we want to make sure the kids have their input and share their ideas too! We are blessed to be able to home school them, given us more time to really pour into each child and teach them valuable trades and life skills.

               Some homes we would pull up to and not even have to get out because either the home itself was too scary or the neighborhood was too run down. The other homes we did like, we would take time at them to thoroughly inspect, take measurements and due some serious brainstorming! I would stand inside each home with my mind running wild with all sorts of design ideas. It was SO much fun to see the potentials each home had.

               For us, we thought snagging up a fixer upper would be quick and easy, especially since we are paying cash. Not so much! We are learning a lot and still have lots to learn when it comes to flipping homes! Especially now that this is our full-time job and will be our primary focus, it is a lot different from when we did it “on the side”. We didn’t factor in all the delays after delays after delays that would happen with putting in our offers. We have been SO excited and SO anxious to get started on this new adventure that it has been a little hard to make an offer and then simply WAIT! Then, when we did hear something, it was the dreaded “they need your highest and best offer”, meaning the bank usually had multiple offers…

                 We have been in serious and steadfast prayer over which home, our family should get. We didn’t want to rush into anything or buy anything that wasn’t right for our family. We have had to truly trust God that we would end up with exactly the home for our family to flip. We would always offer under the asking price, even if there were multiple offers because we knew that if God wanted us to have it, he would open the door for us. To be honest, that was hard for me, because I would really LOVE a home and REALLY want it. I would say, let’s just offer what they want, who cares. Ricky always reminded me, no, we need to leave room for God to work and open/close doors. So again, we would pray, give it all to God and patiently wait to see what would happen.

                Well, we finally got the much awaited text that a bank accepted an offer we put in on a home!!! It had been nearly 3 weeks and we had already put offers in on other homes that didn’t go anywhere. I was a little sad when we didn’t hear back on this home and assumed they accepted a higher offer. (My husband reminded me, see we offered low and it made you nervous thinking there was no way we would get it, and look God made a way!) Boy, were we thrilled!! Thank you Jesus for teaching us patience and trusting in you. God is Faithful!!

               We can not wait to share this house flip journey with you guys! The 4 homes pictures, are some of the homes we looked at. We ended up getting house C.! It is a 1,600 sq ft home, 4 bedrooms and 2 baths on 1 acre. This home is located in a beautiful area of Florida with lots of trees for shade and extremely peaceful piece of property.. Our family will continue to live in our RV on the property of the home we are working on. As we renovate the home, we will be able to spread out into it, such as being able to use the bathrooms/kitchen and just simply stretch out a bit. 🙂 We will be sharing the dreadful before pictures and videos (don’t be afraid)….and then hopefully wow us all in the after photos and videos! We will also be sharing all the details such as the purchase price, all the renovation expenses, time frame to complete the home, the highs/lows that come with any project and then how much we are able to resell the home for.  I just can not tell you enough how stinkin excited we are, demo day can not come soon enough!

*By the way if anyone in central Florida is looking for an amazing Realtor, call Lindsay Sellars at Tom Grizzards office.

               Also, we would love to hear from YOU if you have flipped homes before. I would love to hear about your experience and even see some before/after photos!

13 thoughts on “Which fixer upper did we get?!

  1. Hopefully B…..Enjoy whichever one you got. Can’t wait to see the results!! Soooo exciting!! One of my dreams!!! 🙂 Will be following every step of the way!! 🙂

  2. aacckk, you left me hanging, which one did you choose. Just like you I hate to wait to find out the answer. I will guess D.

  3. Haha I love how people skimmed and didn’t see you got C! That’s the one I liked. Excited to follow along, we’d love to do this one day too!

  4. Best wishes for you and your family Krista. We know you can make this new house your “home”.

    Jim & Jeanie

  5. I’m looking forward to all of the before photos! I know it will look fabulous when you complete flipping it.

  6. What a fun way to grow as a family! Best wishes on this amazing adventure. Your children will reap the benefits of your ingenuity. ❤️ We love your spirit for life!

    If there are any home buyers needing financing to get one of your great flips, check out John Corley at The Mortgage Doctors on Facebook. He would love to help buyers finance their dream homes.🏘

  7. So excited for your family Krista! Your trust in Gods plan is inspiring and a great lesson for me! Enjoy the journey! Love to your whole family!

  8. Looking forward to your progress. I watch fixer upper all the time. This must be an exciting journey for your family.

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