List of our camping and RV must haves

RV Must Haves:

Here is a list of our must have items. (All from Amazon!) I will continue to add to this list throughout our journey. These items make RV life easier, safer and a whole lot more FUN! I would love to know what your favorite things are as well! I am sure I am forgetting some things and I know there are going to be many more items we realize we need, but this is a start. I wanted to get a resource list together in hopes it will help your family on your adventure.

Outside the RV

I promise you, will will be so happy to have this rug outside your door! It keeps so much dirt from coming in!! It also makes the outdoor living space more comfortable to enjoy and it simply looks nice. My husbands favorite part is that it is extremely easy to keep clean,  you just blow or sweep it off! We wish we would of had this from the beginning!



We have 5 of these cubicle organizers in our RV! We could not easily survive living in such a small space without having a way to quickly organize and keep things put away! Plus, the different colored bins that you can choose from, add a touch of color and style to your space! Our clothes go in bins, the children’s toys, electronics, diapers, you name in, it has a bin! Everything always looks nice and tidy! You can order in different finishes and sizes to meet your needs.

Pop-a-plate for keep paper plates together and off the counter

Spice holder

Inside cabinet door knife holder

Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel Container, keeps everything together and attached to the wall. No more loose bottles falling in the shower and spilling!

Tooth Brush holder and paste dispenser

Storage Bench Seat, great for storing toys and for extra seating!!



Must haves for inside the RV

This is an easy way to keep the electronics charged, all in one area, at the same time!


NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Indoor/Outdoor thermostat, We have it placed right by the door so we know how to dress for the day based on the temperature!

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector for peace of mind and keeping the family safe!

Happy Campers Treatment, keeps odors away and helps keep hoses from clogging up!

Scott’s Rapid Dissolve Toilet Paper


Electrolux Battery Operated Vacuum, This vacuum has been amazing in getting the dirt off the floors! The attachment makes it easy to clean around the edges and in the bathroom. Battery lasts a long time between charges.


Outdoor Fun!

Bug Spray to keep those mosquitoes away while you are having fun!

Glow-in-the-dark frisbee, I can not believe we have not had one of these before now. We are having the best time at night playing frisbee! This is our favorite activity when the sun goes down.

Velcro Toss and Catch Game, even the little ones can do this!

Bike carrier to hold 4 bikes, Bringing bikes is a must! We have enjoyed riding around and exploring as a family!

Infantino Baby Carrier, this is by far the best carrier I have ever purchased! I have had many baby carriers in my life including all the high end ones which easily cost over $100. This $20 carrier, to me is just as good if not better!

Cobra Walkie Talkies to touch base with one another while out exploring! Fun to use inside the RV while driving too!



Keeping the kids entertained on the road with these must haves! Educational Too!

Ultimate Road Trip National Geographic, this book is filled with games and activities!

State-by-state-guide book filled with facts on each state. As we enter into a new state, I read aloud the important facts on the state!

License Plate Game, the kids are eager to find every state!

Mad Libs on the road, We get a kick out of filling in and reading our silly stories!

50 state vinyl sticker to keep track of all the states you visit! We could hardly wait to stick the state on as we entered it to see our accomplishment!

Laugh out Loud Books, you can’t beat $3 books for all the laughs they bring!

ROAD ATLAS to highlight our travels on paper! The kids enjoy looking at the map and seeing where we are headed. This will be a keepsake for years to come showing our road trip!


Our favorite must have games for family game night!

We LOVE playing Monopoly deal! We seriously play this game all the time. Our kids ages 6 on up can play it!

Another family favorite that is more for older children is Phase 10!


What are your camping and RV must haves?


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  1. Great list–please keep adding and keep it up online till we are ready to be packing. We are still working on downsizing, so I am trying to behave myself and not think TOO much about buying anything 🙂 But you have already saved me from getting rid of a few things–ha, ha!

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