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My name is Krista Fay. I am 30 years old, born October 2, 1986. I am married to Ricky Fay and have 7 amazing kids, 3 boys and 3 girls! I love Jesus and I love my family! Japanese is my all time favorite food and I drink iced coffee all day long, even at night! Southern Red is my wine of choice and when my husband shows up with dark chocolate, he knows he is getting lucky 😉 I am not a morning person, at all, and I love staying up super late at night. One of my favorite nights during the week is Wednesday night because I have had the opportunity to lead a ladies Bible study at my church and I LOVE my ladies! I love being outside and when we can, my husband and I enjoy playing tennis. Spending time with a girlfriend warms my soul, I truly enjoy time with my friends. When my family is over, you can always find us sitting around a table playing cards and laughing hysterically as we share stores. I know what is like to grieve, for I have lost 2 older brothers, one last year and the other 5 years ago. My heart aches for them and I have had to learn to how live with this pain, and it is only by God’s grace and love. I know  In order to make more time to spend together, my husband and I decided we were happy and content to live on LESS, to have LESS stuff and live simple. Therefore we would truly have MORE. MORE time as a family, MORE beautiful memories being made. LESS stress, LESS things pulling us in every direction, LESS financial burdens. MORE time investing in our children and MORE time loving those around us. We have decided to slow down, unplug, and live simply so we can now truly live MORE! I am excited to share tips on how to live a simple life, how to get rid of all the excess stuff, how to live on less money, parenting/homeschooling 7 children, marriage, making time for yourself and provide details on how it all works for our family of 8! Follow us as we open up about our lives on the road in our RV.



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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Krista!
    I just met you today at Roaring River (cool baby backpack). I am so excited to follow your journey! Best wishes to you and your family… Happy camping!!

  2. Saw you’re selling the RV, and was a bit surprised. I initially found your blog when we (my husband and I) decided we were going to “do this” minimalist life style thing in preparation of our home building project. We’ll hit a year of full-time RV life, come this March. Then, we’ll FINALLY start building on a piece of land we have here in FL. With that said, it’s been an interesting journey. Not easy, but eye opening. There were times I took to the internet for some temporary validation that I wasn’t loosing my mind, and there you were 🙂 Newbies look to the internet to explore other experiences and so, in the event this is the end of your journey, thank you for your contribution 🙂 Sending good vibes and positive energy your way. Peace & Love always…

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